"Inspirational Teaching-Thought provoking - Makes one look deeper into themselves.

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"An undiscerned mind is as a tree, it absorbs all it takes in, even the poison". - by Julius Fann

The unchanging Principled Substance and Patterned Essence of life's total experience, comprehended or not, is fulfilled each moment of individual life. God is Principle, Patterns, Substance, and Essence. God is Spirit, infinitely whole, perfect, complete, and pure. Spirit is never born, and, therefore, can never die. Spirit is omnipresent. Spirit is the Conscious of all creation that Be, inclusive of mankind. All of creation is exactly where purposed to be, "For he performeth the thing that is appointed to me, and many such things are with him." Job 23:14, by Spirit placement in accord with the spiritual law "everything after its kind."

The power of God's Word is the substance and essence of the Soul of all of, and within His creation. God is the base of man's individual soul, and states this truth in Ezekiel 18:4 KJV: "Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine." It is this cause the walls of flesh man's soul become attached and framed with dual initiatives thoughts of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Conscious absorb Spirit's moving nature. It erects the outer framework and inner rooms and corridors of man's physical temple built from the believed reality of the tree of dualism, and its shelters life of spirits emanating from this belief. It is ease to tell what another man's soul base is built of, and stockpiled with from by the negative or positive spirits the human mind project.

Man is the master builder of the the beliefs and furniture he places in his temple of flesh. Man is, too, responsible for the live spirit bodies of his living thoughts occupying his temple without exception, for it is always man's thoughts which govern the pattern architect, and finalized structured mount of his temple's conscious dome. The man of flesh, then, is the subject master of the emanating spirit of the multiple objective wills, intent and purposed thought revelations of those spirits living within the his dual conscious temple of being. Whatever man's temple base is, he must at some point comprehend his mind is his enemy and repentance unto baptism of Christ's death should be his goal to accomplish.

With man's belief of living within the world of human interpretations, relativity is man's only link for experiencing omnipresent thoughts harmony of mind everywhere. Relativity is the bridge which akin all men one to another. Relativity is that human spirit which synchronize all flesh minds in comprehending the worthiness of "love thy neighbor as thyself. . .Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It is what forces one to place themselves in harms way to save, or help others, even strangers.

Matter is not the totality of life. Matter is an emanation of a spark unknown. Thinking is the moving nature of life. Immobile objects are not excluded, for they manifest mobility of thoughts in the human mind by the mind's moving imagination. Thinking is built upon attachments to the mind's moving imagination within the human conscious. These attachments are the singularity of individualized thought structures of collective sentient interpretations the human imagination impress upon the human soul. Impressions which are without reasoning and logical which, at times, spurs and individual into spontaneous reflective actions of reactions to help a perfect stranger by placing themselves in harms way, sacrificing their own life, without apparent cause. Or, in opposite, deliberately harming another soul without just cause.

Individual living is never is never about the attributes an individual displays, even though they affect decisions. Living is always, within the depth of ones fears, and loneliness, questioning ones self as to how to become the beast killers of their 'ego, and id', which continuously fights for domination of their will? I don't care who, what, where, why, or when one decide to come to them self, they understand they must eventually make up their mind and delve deep into themselves, where the "they say syndrome" is master, and slay that dragon reflection and shadowed cosmic mind consciousness that has kept their inner sanctuary full of tension, and themselves schizophrenic.

Men are jealously comfortable living in other individual's philosophy, creativeness, and life achievement. Most hope to find the honesty of them self so they can shed the travesty of wearing many mask personalities they have projected to family, friends, for they know when the grim reapers reaches into their bosom and touch their hearts, only the mask of not being complete, and not being able to achieve their reunion with Christ in them will be what is seen of them by those who come to mourn their departure.

One must to go through the mind to get beyond the mind to eliminate mind's duplication of creation. Going through the mind will also eliminate the glass darkly the mind formed, and deceitfully establish the egocentric three dimensional world of matter which produced all man's problems. Going through the mind voids the minds power to form, as well as the mind's power attempt to solve the mystery of what it has created, and every problems it has produced. Always it has been the egocentric conscious mind battling it twin egocentric conscious mind which has been the cause, not only of the lack of compassion, but the biting ego serpent which poison ones emotions and constrict, causing tension at the heart of man's universe. So one must go beyond the mind and become Zeus the serpent-killer. One must destroy the reign of the patriarchal gods of Mount Olympus by defeating Typhon, the enormous serpent-monster, the child of Gaia (the Earth) and Tartarus both considered gods in Greek Mythology.

Thoughts are also the plurality of all manifested attachments of individualized souls. All thoughts are uniquely individualized. Each thought an individual thinks upon was planted by the twin egocentric conscious mind. No individual can live and experience anything but their own mature world of individualized experience of egocentric thoughts no matter their age. But the Soul is not of time. And even though egocentric thoughts impress are influential upon young minds, even they have the power of God's word which allows them to accept, or reject those thoughts. But not only that, every Soul comes will come to Its crossroad, and reach a point where It can either be submissive and continue to be dominated by the ego's influential impressions, or take charge of Its fate by being strong in the Lord, saying, and meaning, this far you have come, but no further will you direct my course.

All men have their own Spirit integrity. The Principle and Essence of God's structure assure this. The man who dares to stretch beyond conformity of the law of the living sentient soul, can be lead by Spirit into "the deep things of God." Resiliently is the key which establish God's unconditioned purpose for comprehending His true Spirit and intent of Will. The resilient seeker of truth is God's architect, builder, observer. The resilient seeker is the gatekeeper, the gather of all wayward souls house, and place upon the path of living. The resilient seeker is his own teacher, yet, also his own student. The Spirit of this one is 'ever teaching himself of only God. Making himself 'ever a student. Ever a continuous of God until God transcend him. "I Am that I Am" is truly "I Am Who I Am."

The lesson the teacher teaches, and the message the student is to continuously be aware of is, I Am the consciousness of Spirit, yet Spirit is the only Source of the consciousness I AM.

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa
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