I think she likes me.

Reply Sun 30 Jun, 2019 09:47 am
I'm a married guy and last year i started a new job. There is this girl there and she says and does the weirdest things when we alone together. Shortly after I going the company, we were walking down the corridor, we had both long lab coats on at the time. She had her phone in her back pocket of jeans and she asked me if I could see the phone through the coat as she didn't want to get in trouble for bringing it to area we work.
She always a bit flirty and kidding around and kidding and kinda picking on me in a fun way. At recent party she sat beside/nearly on top of me on single seater couch. I joked days after that my leg was sore from something sitting on it. She replied "at least it was soft and squishy". I was the only guy that she dragged up to dance with and was just after the sitting incident. Days later I thought I might have touched her leg by accident and when I finally got courage to apologise, she said that I didn't and she "wouldn't have minded if you did touch me. We were both drunk". She has greated me with "Hey Mister" a couple of times. The other day I asked to borrow something from her office. I joked how much do I owe you and I got "my love don't cost a thing and neither does this".
Few more small things but I'm so confused. What the hell is she doing? Is she being friendly or what? I'm lost. I wouldn't try anything as I am happily married with 2 beautiful girls.
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Reply Sun 30 Jun, 2019 10:01 am
Then make that crystal clear to her, and I mean crystal, that you are happily married and not looking for a side chick.

As in, you mention something you and your family did over the weekend when Monday rolls around. "Susie (or whatever your lovely wife's name is) and the kids and I had the best time at the water park on Saturday."

And you wear your wedding ring if you own one, every single day, all the time, unless you absolutely must remove it for some sort of clean room or finesse work. Given the lab coats, if you are, say, building microchips, you probably have to keep something out of the room where you do your work. But that shouldn't stop you from wearing it the rest of the time.

Case in point - last weekend (I'm a female-type person), the deli guy at the grocery was hitting on me. To give you some perspective, I am in my mid-50s. So all I wanted was my damned potato salad so I waited. And, as I did, I pulled my hair back from my face. With my left hand. You know, the one wearing the wedding ring. I got called "Ma'am" and I got my potato salad and got on line - where my husband was, BTW. Easy peasy.

Lather, rinse, and repeat as often as necessary.

Oh, and don't get drunk with your work colleagues, even if you're off the clock. That's a fine recipe for saying or doing something that will really bite you in the ass later.
Reply Sun 30 Jun, 2019 07:37 pm
Thanks. I was afraid I wasn't imagining things. This kinda thing never, ever, happens to be. I do wear my ring everyday.
Thanks for the advice
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