Work hard or stay home be lazy SSI / SSDI ?

Reply Fri 8 Feb, 2019 11:42 pm
Should i stay on ssdi & ssi w/ medicare or start work at 50 years of age ? Wasput on disability in 2007 and started college to get into a field of work where my seizure disorder will not affect performance, quality or quantity. I have no debts for college thus far but will need to borrow $9,000 to finish my senior year even after getting all grants, state benefits and free money for school. I know there is no guarantee of job after graduation with bachelors degree in human services. So do i stay on disability where i have insurance and medicare/medicaid along with $900 month, or finish degree and maybe get job but no guarantee of insurance with it being once i start work medicare and medicaid and ssdi all get cut after 12 months. Forget about degree and stay on disability and maybe find cash job to get a few more bucks a month which will then not affect monthly checks of $900 federal, but have full medical coverage. OR graduate owing $9,000 and no guarantee insurance with pre-existing condition, but maybe make more than $900 a month and be doing something with my life !!! I do volunteer work to make something of my time and life and always have all my life, but even more now to occupy time and feel worthwhile. However, $900 a month doesn't get me to far and have to live such a conservative lifestyle. People tell me different things stating your already 50yr with retirement around corner at 65 don't bother getting back into workforce and finding insurance with your meds and doctors. Some tell me to take the shot and get degree and try to get back into workforce to start doing something you enjoy and make a few more extra bucks and meet people and so on and so forth being I get into human service field. WHat do you think or would do ???

Keep collecting my federal SSDI/SSI medicare-medicaid or go back to college this fall and finish my senior year so when i graduate I'll be 51 yr old and then cap n gown as I hit the workforce on SSDI/SSI and medicare and take the job offer , or stay home and don't waste time or invest $9,000 I have to pay back eventually with government after I start work.
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Reply Sat 9 Feb, 2019 03:08 am
Wish I could make a week on $900. Since you have a 12 month window do some research on your potential success and payback of returning to college thus your current allowance of $900. Consider some under the table income sources in neighborhood marginal legal
Reply Sat 9 Feb, 2019 03:51 am
@bunnyhabit ,
What was explaied to me is the period where I can work 9 months and if it don't work out can be right back on disability. That is good but the downfall is making the commitment with $9,000 loan to find out if it works. I graduate cap n gown and try out the workforce and after 6 months doesn't work so I go back on disability......................but still sitting with the $9,000 debt at around typically $80-120 month payback then taken out of my $900 a month federal checks. That's where it makes me tense with only $900 as it is and then another average $100 a month bill added to rest of bills n rent.

I would feel great with the accomplishment of getting my degree. However, I do make note of maybe just finding a part time bartending job for cash 8 hours a week or 32 hours a month at $9 an hour plus tips. Basically it would maybe be an extra $500 a month cash, "under the table".

No guarantee of finding jobs to pay just cash to me, and ones with tips added on. Going down the road of staying on disability and saying no to finish senior year at college does seem to be where a lot of people steer me. I won't deny both roads are just a roll of the dice. Just wondering what chances are better for success, improvement, increase income per month.

Which road would a lot of people steer towards and roll the dice on is what is really making me wonder.
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Reply Sat 9 Feb, 2019 04:11 am
Talk to your college advisor about any scholarships or grants you might qualify for. Seee if you can reduce or even eliminate that $9000 debt issue.
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