Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry: A Product of Geometry?

Reply Wed 23 Jan, 2019 12:44 pm
From what I understand about matter antimatter annihilation, is that heat and gamma radiation are released. From what I understand about the dynamic theory of the universe is that matter and antimatter were produced equally and traveling at near light velocity away from the epicenter as everything began cooling to fusion temperatures. It is at that point annihilations between matter and antimatter would begin. But what if large quantities of matter and antimatter had accumulated together due to the cohesive nature of matter much like Brown's theory of gases, but with simply baryonic matter. Then it would be a simple issue of geometry. That is the cohesive nature of baryonic matter would form perfect hydrostatic spheres. Naturally the outside area of a sphere is greater than the interior volume of a sphere, and the only access for annihilation would be the outside area. As the annihilation would begin, gamma radiation would be created forming a type of quantum barrier between the matter and antimatter, slowing annihilation. Furthermore, the gamma radiation is believed to release electrons and positrons from dark matter further slowing the process of annihilation. Recent findings have also shown, that newer solar systems have more dark matter in their solar interiors verses older solar systems. Could it be these suspended annihilations are consuming dark matter rather than repelling it, and could all the missing antimatter be in our planets and stars?
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Reply Thu 24 Jan, 2019 05:38 am
We know how planets and stars form and it doesn’t involve antimatter. Our own solar system is less than a third the age of the universe and baryonic matter was well established by then.
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Jewels Vern
Reply Fri 25 Jan, 2019 11:25 pm
You gotta remember that most of what they claim to know about the universe ain't so. Dark matter was invented in 1932 by Ian Oort to fudge his data to agree with his theories, and now it is the foundation of about half of everything they think they know about the universe. Red shift was observed by Edwin Hubble and everybody assumed it was caused by Doppler effect. Somehow they got the idea that they could also estimate a galaxie's distance from the same data, and "Expanding Universe" is the foundation of the other half.

You need to be very careful about anything you hear. A big part of science is conjecture, which means making up "What if" scenarios. Often those scenarios get discussed a lot for a long time, and people begin to assume they are true just because they keep hearing them.
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