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These things show up in photos and videos from time to time. I ask folks around at the time what they are, and I get a variety of responses...

Omitting the "supernatural" replies, here are the theories (and a few facts):

1. They are dust specks on the lens.
~ Well, if they were, they would show up on every photo taken right? Especially those taken of the same scene within a second or less of each other, with same lighting, same subject, etc. They don't.

2. They are bugs flying in front of the camera.
~It's winter hereon Okinawa. No bugs in the house, sorry. Not even midges.

3. Flaws in the lenses.
~ Again, such flaws would show up on all photos, and always in the same place in the photos. But the location of the orbs change, sizes change, brightness change-- even though nothing in the frame changes (same object photographed, same lighting, same setting, less than a second apart, but the orbs change position, or are there, then not there at all).

4. Dust motes floating on air currents.
~ Why (in videos) then do they "float" in all directions opposite directions, up and down, at different speeds and in sometimes-erratic flight paths? Why do they seem to rush in one direction, then change and rush in another direction -- while others move in opposite directions to each other?

I ask this because I have several photos showing orbs in our home, then none, then more... I even have photos showing orbs on stage with a popular singer, in bright lights. Of course, these cannot be seen with the eye, they seem to show up only on camera (still photos and videos).

Also, I took IR video in the dojo (karate training hall) at night, and found many orbs flying around one night, only one the next night, none another night, then more on other nights. Various sizes, speeds, and directions of travel, these pale grey balls of light seem to have a mind of their own. The dojo is not dusty, there are no insects there, and the camera is new, lens is spotless.

If you have a digital videocam with IR function, I ask you to take just a 3-minute video each night for a few nights -- say, a week -- in as complete darkness as can be managed, and let us know what you find, and what you think it is...

If anyone here already has a theory or idea regarding this, I would be happy to hear (read) it...!
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