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[Oh a2k Mgmt, I been Emailin' my corresp's lately describin' eg a number of varied technical difficulties with many "Engineered' products. In this case I had writ the company, and below was our exchange. If I can do anythin,' find abbrs, curtail, disguise any names (mebbe too late now?), give rundown of any unfamiliar terms, change punct in any imaginable way....

Though everything I have responded is literally true, my answers were supposed to inspire or amuse to a bit. However, I'm not offended, even pleased, if you'd contact me, [email protected] with any and all style violations]

On Aug 17, 2017, at 1:45 PM, [email protected] wrote:

unknown.png [??????? !!]

Hello Dale,
Hello Cassandra

Thank you for contacting Orbit product support. My name is Cassandra R. and I will be assisting you today.
.....Hi Cass, yes, glad to hear from you

Dale, I understand you have contacted us before.
Many times

We have had some database changes so unfortunately I do need to ask you some questions that you may have answered before.
Many of 'em yes, to little avail

I need to ask you a few standard questions for quality assurance purposes. Please note that if you have multiple timers that you are having an issue with we will need questions 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9 answered for each of those timers.
Wl try to answer 'em all

• When did you purchase the unit (month and year)?
I've been buyin' 'em now for some 20 years, that's an average of exactly 0.7/yr

• Are you on city or well water?
City of Apple Valley, Ca

• Are you using the washer with the screen filter provided with the unit?
Not sure Cass what unit you mean, but no, if my timers, nobody told me I needed one and never has one been provided

• When the temperature falls below 32 degrees in your area during the winter months, how do you protect the unit from freezing?
I wrap it in an inner-wall insulation, a fuzzy stuff, about 4 or 5 in. thick, covered by a layer of paper. As many wraps as don't get too packed at the bottom. As erstwhile inventor I had suggested a very simple mod to this unit, maybe aded 25 cents Mfr cost, that would make the wrapping unnecesary. Most happy to reiterate f'you can't find past correspondence

• Are you using the timer on a drip system, regular sprinklers, or soaker hoses?
All my 13 timers presently in use feeding drip systems. I do however have a few feet of soaker hose on one station

• If drip system, do you have a pressure reducer installed?
At every station. However your q implies it'd be installed 'tween the faucet and the timer. But y' can't do it that way 'cause them press. regs leak allatime

In this connection incidentally, it's been suggested by your 'Engineers' that the comin' apart of your valve assy is caused by pressure surge. I 'stand what they're sayin', but after rebuilding each and ev ery one 14 of my units, not a single one of 'em has since come apart in the same way

[Well, I lie a li'l. Actually one or two units did come apart again but I think it was 'cause they had started out worse, or my first repair was kind of sloppy

• On the back of the unit there should be a series of numbers stamped or engraved into the plastic body (examples; 123-01-N or 1213-5145 or 12L14), could you provide that for me please?
One not in present use is marked, 'Orbit Model 91213…Made in China…U.S. Pt. No. 7,637,475.' Far as I know, mine all the same model 'ceptin one or two multi-st'n models also not in use at present. But they all'v'em have suffered from the same mfg defect. I think I had described it many times to your rep named Steve Dutton ? and had suggested several ways to cure the difficulty at virtually no mfg cost

• On some models of timers, this may be found printed on the circuit board behind the battery tray,

in the battery tray,
'1.5 V AA' [x2]'

or printed in the area where your timer attaches to the manifold.
Neither end

• Are you using alkaline or rechargeable batteries in your timer?
Almost exclusively alkaline. I've tried reachables once or twice

• Please describe the issue that you are having with your timer.
In every unit the solenoid unit comes apart from the black plastic valve. I hope you can find earlier correspondence in which I've described this in some detail

Once I receive your answers, I will continue processing your information. Look forward to hearing from you.
Any time atall Cass

If your issue is a direct result of a manufacturer's defect then provided the timers are still under warranty we will be able to replace them as such.
Oh I have little doubt any still in warrantee. Years ago maybe when I first began chatting with Steve…..

Thanks for contacting Orbit Product Support.
.....Most happy to respond
[Oh, is there by chance another Orbit that makes such stuff ??]

If you need any further assistance, please reply to this email.
Thank you again Cass. I had been offered a new unit free, but I had assumed it would have the same defect so I turned Steve down on that'n'. However, if meantime you've fixed the defect, then I'd be most happy to try out a new'n.

You can also call us at 1-800-488-6156 and select option 1 for Tech Support. Our normal hours of operation are: 7AM to 6PM MDT Monday through Friday and 9AM to 1PM MDT on Saturday.
Much pref Email. For one thing I don't think fast, for another there'd be no record, 'case at 86 w/ Alzie's, I forget what was said

Best Regards,
Mine to your 'Engineers'

Cassandra R.
Dale H.

Technical Support
Technical Misfit

Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc.
Greater Southwest Beer-Tasting Society, Inc. [In Need of Cuddles]

[ http://www.abbreviations.com/INC ]
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Suddenly the player on a2k can spell....
Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 05:20 pm
Delighted to hear from you 'gain, Buco, and golly yes, I can if I hafta....
Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 05:24 pm
I told you years ago who to contact, a local to you university. You tend to never listen.
Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 05:41 pm
I told you years ago who to contact
I'm sure Temp you did but at 86 w/ Alzies (?) I don't remember what I did 10 minutes ago

a local to you university
About matters relating to the failure of a particular water timer ?

You tend to never listen
Oh Osso, I do I do I do. It's just I don't 'mem' 'tall
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