The Journey of My Soul.

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More irritating nonsense for those who do not like me.

And something for those who can appreciate what I say is to them is extremely interesting engaging, compelling and gripping.
The Journey of my Soul.

What I write below is an excerpt from my visions dreams that I downloaded from what I call the super consciousness.

I have gone to many places, walked on great grass prairies, and the steppes of high planes, flew up and down green wooded mountains of wonder, stood at the sides of the north at a great and infinite Sea, as the everlasting winds of change blew through my body which had become mysterious and electric.

Below I saw the earth in its all its beauty and rose up so high that the blue became black.

I walked on a dark and grey monochrome moon, climbed the rim of a great a crater, and to my utmost amazement and saw a city of sparkling wonder nestled beneath a huge blue crystal glass dome.

I watched the city in wonder as I shone beneath in awesome glory with some unknown internal source of riven translucent light, out into the boundless vacuum void above.

In deep regret, I left this most beautiful place of peace and traveled as a point of awareness, ever outward and outward into the unimaginable vast void of the cosmos, observing all things as I went into blazing living clouds formations of iridescent colored light, as their energy flowed through me and gave me more life, causing me to stop my outward journey and hover for a brief eternity out so far, somewhere in the deep of the awesome infinite dark void of nothingness.

I saw beings that exist in slower time- flow reality that live so slowly that they only noticeably move in a million years, relative to us on earth, and do not realize we exist, to them we are nothing fleeting shadows, vibrating tiny entities, that come into existence and vanish before they can notice us as living entities like them.

On the opposite rate are entities that exist in a hugely faster time-flow reality than us, we only observe them in a colossal particle collider, for one brief, tiny infinitesimal flashing moment, to us they they just decay and vanish we before we can recognize their existence as living beings like us

But maybe these entities existing within an alternate reality their life spans are just as complex, meaningful and protracted as ours.

I came to a wonder world full of laughter and happiness entered an enchanted village as beings of golden light ran and sang among flowers of beauty that grew out from living crystallized glass.

Unknown fragrances filled my soul with the breath of eternity and infinite existence.

In wonder and awe I heard music of unimaginable purity as if it rose from a pillar of vibrating scintillating translucent multi- colored blazing light.

Angels tumbled to earth on broken wings, receiving healing there for the hurt the got for service to the Divine, across the infinite boundless divide of creation and existence.

They spoke in secret and sacred languages unknown to moral beings, singing songs of creation as they went between the great divides of countless realms of everlasting glory.

As I went I voyaged among the ageless stars of night, through great galaxies scintillating like scattered pearls thought the great and vastness of the boundless cosmos of light and dark

The horror of the arboreal dragon the Terrible One came out of the abyss of everlasting dark and hopelessness, approached my person as I went, but could not follow as I flew into the universe that streamed like blue sapphire where I protected my being in living music of light and love.

I watched in breathless awe all the beauty and wonder of great beings of absolute pure and vibrant energy, those mighty one, who roam and sail the great and boundless ocean divides on the solar winds, with huge, great gossamer wings stretching out of their inner shining living cores, millions of miles between each glittering tip.

Were these the great and wonderful immortal messengers that originate from the divine source of all?

Great spirals of countless great stars and harmonies surged up out of the depth of the eternal night, oceans of rubies, furnaces of emeralds and constellations coiled and writhed like mighty luminous dragons.

Supernovas blazed and lit the universe falling upon their neighbors like shattering giant destructive tornadoes in the darkness of the infinite void of boundless space and time. Incandescent cascades gave new life as space and time became a living changing flaming chalice of creation.

I knew then that I was but a tiny atom in the great ocean that we call existence, yet I live, breath and have my own being within this great and wonderful place of infinite might.

Worlds consisting of colossal diamonds glowed and revolved around a multitude of translucent, great blue green suns. In my memory recall a planet like a colossal huge pure pearl glowing in the dark.

It was a blue and beautiful blue water world like Terra the one I left so long ago when my journey began in that strange night..

I heard sounds of beautiful cosmic music emanating from the pulsating vibrations of an infinity of blazing stars, as each one praised god with the everlasting song, across the vast void and emptiness of boundless space.

Overcome with the beauty of creation, I wept from the knowledge that each living being was essential , interconnected integrated part of the total fabric of reality which coalesce into one great everlasting being of living Mind.

The universe beyond this universe is our eternal home, each sentient being within it sang with one glorious voice created by their song a billion ethereal currents of glorious astral vibration that gave life to our everlasting souls.
Images came and went some more terrible and some of other beautiful than the mind of mortal man had ever seen.

What am I and what is man? We but reflections of countless particles, within the greater ocean giver of all life. We all float down the river of time and progress called life and go and join our own like in love and everlasting peace and life within the great ocean of the Divine mind.

I saw countless cities of pure cosmic composite light, as I traveled and traveled ever and ever outward reaching reaching beyond infinity.

I left our universe of dark and light saw it behind my fleeting soul, as it receded from my sight, becoming smaller and smaller soul, until all that remained was but a tiny dot or singularity, withing the greater mother void of infinite limitless boundless nothingness.

Here in the womb of god all other unspoken mysterious alternate realities were to be found, each one unique in form and structure like the DNA code that causes us to become who we are in time and place.

I saw our huge universe; slowly begin to shrink and shrink until it became just one tiny shining singularity, just one tiny dot of light, among countless other alternate dots that that float as seeds of creation.

As I went back in time to the to the beginning of all things, I observed everything coalescing into one unimaginable infinitely dense ball of Golden Solid Bright light, which I knew somehow, was God, resting in readiness to create our universe, and to make space for a new universe God withdraw a portion of his infinite being, into himself in which to place our universe and watch it grow, in his gardens of existence.

In the place of Gods condensed presence of golden solid light of purest thought domain, originated all of what we call existence From which God sustains and creates all things by the infinite power and force of his eternal mind.

God speaks creation into existence as it was shown me. He says do this, do that, it is done! take done, and do that, and this it is done!, rest think do that, do this, think what? think where? think how? think who? then it is all done! and a new unique universe is born out of nothing, but from the thoughts that have emanated out from his great unimaginably infinitely powerful mind

Within the central domain of the Godhead, were in addition to our now tiny universe, countless other universes reflected also as tiny spots of energy, which were the seeds for the creation and production of Gods total existence and the reality we humans perceive us to live.

Because I was immaterial and without mass- less, I exceeded had the speed of light barrier and time began to reverse and flow backward. I found out that instead of moving outwards I was now racing backward in time and space to the beginning of all creation, which emanated out from the everlasting Golden solid pure light in which God exists..

God never ceases to create he continues to create in an everlasting process of creation and destruction from the inexhaustible energy of the Solid Golden light which is his Spiritual body. Thus “Our Father which art in heaven”, thus in reality, is where Gods compacted source, God is Light and in Him is no darkness whatsoever, in reality He is inexhaustible living Solid Golden Light which is God.

At the very fundamental level God is a living Being Spirit consisting of Golden Solid light, which is the source of inexhaustible infinitely energy, that he uses to create and sustain his works in what we call existence.

Because of the reversal of the flow of time when I left our universe I saw it continue to shrink until it became a singularity, of infinite density, somehow the seed or singularity had been forced out of the of the solid light of the mega-universe, until it burst out from within the Solid light, of the “Mother” part of the Godhead with such unimaginable force/energy that it began to inflate or expand to form our universe, much like a mother giving birth to a new child.

At first our universe was tiny small dark and cold, but when the Father part the God Head saw the birth of their new creation, He burst out in joy and said ‘Let there be light” and the Mother replied “And there was Light”

There is no beginning or ending only an everlasting cycle of creation and progressions of what we call existence.

All will ultimately merge in one eternal moment outside time and entropy, singing the great songs of joy that is all this wonder we are also a part of creation.

We will finally know everything become co-creators with each other and the possible become possible and rejoice because we have seen the creator and become like Him, infinite, eternal and beautiful. Then it will all begin again in the everlasting infinite cycle of existence of new existence, more wonderful than the first


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Reply Thu 18 May, 2017 09:53 pm
@Alan McDougall,
A unique soul.
Reply Tue 14 Aug, 2018 02:08 am
Great, congratulations. What are you doing to help?
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Reply Thu 6 Dec, 2018 01:24 am
@Alan McDougall,
such a wonderful writing!! love it.
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Reply Sun 16 Dec, 2018 02:53 am
A perfect example of an immature soul that was so easily entertained it didn't find or learn anything that was truly important to the growth of one's soul in other words that was a colossal waste of experience and all meaningless does not help you at all in the next phase of your life.
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Reply Wed 19 Dec, 2018 05:17 am
@Alan McDougall,
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Reply Wed 17 Apr, 2019 11:23 pm
Excellent, Really soul cann't be destroyed. Even too many scripture already defined these things.
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