Some of my many psychic like vivid dreams!

Reply Sat 22 Apr, 2017 08:10 am

Have had many visions/dreams/ over the years that members might find of interest ?

I would also like to hear from other members if they have had similar events in their lives, and if the can interpret some of my visions and ask any questions deemed necessary


They  start below

1) A great king was in the throes of dying and I was on with him and a chariot racing to somewhere. The others and I looked at the three horses that were pulling the chariot at great speed. I said to a person that these horses couldn’t possibly continue at that unbelievable pace.

1a ) Indeed the horses slowed down stopped and one by one died of exhaustion. The dying king weeping and wailing in abject sorrow grabbed his beloved dying great white horse; overcome with sorrow so deep I simply could not comprehend it.

1b) Then the great leader lay down and also died and the whole nation began to morn in great sorry.” The king is dead" "the king is dead" they as one wailed over and over again.

1c) What amazed me was the great love these ancient people had for their horses and the great love and care they gave them

1d) Who do you think was this great king, who do you was his beautiful great horse that he loved more than life??

Maybe Alexander the Great?


2) In the dream, I was at a beachfront with members of my family both dead and alive. We wanted to swim but the sea became rough and angry with great waves bashing higher and higher on the beach. Frightened we all moved further and further from the now raging rapidly rising sea.

2a) High above the normal sea level was an escape bridge. I and others were caught on the bridge with a huge wave that rushed over our heads. I had to hold on for dear life and hold my breath until I felt my lungs were going to burst.

2b) The bridge was located near a rocky mountain, so as the next huge wave approached I reached out grabbed a rock above me and pulled myself above the sea level. Then reaching out I helped the others one by one to come to my higher level of safety.

2c) But the sea just continued to rage and getting higher and higher, the higher we climbed the mountain the higher the sea rose. At last, we had risen to the peak of the mountain and despaired as the sea began to reach our last safety perch and overflowed it.

2d) Then all of us began to pray in harmony and unison, commanding the sea to stop its advance. The sea just stopped like a great wall of water, it was just huge wave suspended but immovable, as if it were waiting to engulf the whole world.

3)  During a vision or vivid dream one night in the 1970's during the Rhodesian bush war I found my awareness hovering over a nightmarish scene. What appeared to be a Catholic missionary compound situated in the Rhodesia of the time, now Zimbabwe I saw something of nightmarish horror.

3a) I saw scenes from two different places in the then Rhodesia, in one place there were bodies of men and girls and woman lying dead. Some had had been raped and slaughtered in the most brutal way. Also both young and old men and woman had been raped or slaughtered in a brutal way.

3b) I went up to one woman who was still alive but in the process of dying The only way I can explain what happened next it somehow I tried to comforted and help this terrified nun into the valley of the shadow of death. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and told my wife I had experience a horror during the night, This vision was confirmed in the news papers over the following days


4) One night I found my consciousness or awareness  inside a large passenger jet airplane. I could see outside the aircraft and saw it was flying over a large ice world which I now know was the Antarctic continent.

4a) The airplane was full of passengers and the next thing I saw it was approaching a huge mountain on a Collision course with it. The plane smashed into a colossal mountain and burst into flames, resulting in the instant death of all the people aboard.

4b) Out of each persons body a bluish orb emerged apparently vanishing into another dimension. The next day on the news was the awful news of an aircraft crashing into a mountain with the awful news of no survivors.

4c)New Zealand airlines at that time regularly sent those who could afford it on sight seeing flights over Antarctica. New being reasonably near to that cold icy huge continent

Confirmation of Dream

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_New_ZeAlan McDougalld_Flight_901


5) Another time to my horror I found inside the body of someone who was being stabbed to death and the pain felt was simply beyond belief it was unspeakably acute and my soul left this body moments before it died. I actually felt as if I were dying.


6) During another spiritual episode I again found myself or my awareness inside the body of a stranger who seemed to be in a very tiny prison cell. I got a huge shock reverted back into my earthly body with a huge jerk that made me almost leap out of bed. It seemed like he was in a small prison cell, looking out through the bars of the cells one window or door, I am not sure which.

7) Another night I had a most disturbing vivid dream about a terrible event of destruction in some modern city, I am not sure. I found myself amongst a group of people, woman, children and men of all ages in some place/sanctuary that over looked a large city at first a thought might be Johannesburg where, I reside.

7a) Looking at the skyscraper building they were on first appearance a lot like Johannesburg, which highest building is about 70 stories high very much like a small New York City.

7b) The city looked more like Atlanta or possibly even Huston. Were gathered at high hill or vantage point of some sort over looking this city from a fairly long distance. We all taken into a large hall (not forcibly it was more in a festive mood). Where it was revealed why we were here? A movie was being run over and over again and it was emphasized that we were somehow a privileged few.

7c) The movie revealed that a huge terrorist stronghold had been uncovered that needed to be destroyed with immense power to give them a message they would never forget. The destructive force that was going to bring down was a million or more tones of TNT that the agents had smuggled in and set a time fuse to go off at about 03 30 am in that very morning and we were there to see and here this enormous explosion something like the first physicist and scientist viewed the first atom bomb in Los Alamos.

7d) We were told the explosion was chemical in nature and not a nuclear bomb. It was to be the most powerful chemical explosion in history and would be mind bogglingly loud and colorful. It was 02.30am when were told to phone our friends and family to expect the loudest bang and colossal noise they were ever going to hear in their life times. So I did some phoning about.

7e) At about 03.25am all gathered around in excitement to watch this event. Some wore earplugs others earplugs and dark glasses others just closed their eyes, put fingers in their ears and waited

7f) I was in the front line of many persons lined up row by row like soldiers standing at ease. Then it happened all hell burst loose I saw a huge building in the middle of this city explode in blazing unimaginable colossal destructive force. Out of the collapsing building, a small mushroom cloud rose up high into the air and we all burst into applause. This greatest of terrorist strongholds and headquarters was no more.

7g) Then silence a silence malignant, malicious, and frightening... The remains of the target building began to burn as if it were made of firewood and out of it came a mysterious cloud black boiling, maelstrom of colors and heat. The fire spread into other buildings consuming everything in its path like some monstrous out of control forest fire racing towards up as if it was been blown by thousand miles an hour winds.

7h) in this city began to run and scream, I could see and hear them even though at this stage they were far off in the dying city. We stood transfixed in horror as this monstrous fire came towards us at greater and greater speed much faster than the speed of sound I think.

7i) People burst into flame and vanished and some attempted to run from this man made horror in vain. Then I saw people men, woman, and older children running with their backs on ire to wars the first row of men where I had positioned myself for the spectacle, some spectacle. When they reached us they ran amongst us setting us on fire, I selfishly in terror used a burning man as a shield to keep me from the heat in which I was dying.

7j) Then this awful vision ended and I woke in a cold sweat. If I analyze this dream, assuming it was more than just a nightmare. It appears that the huge chemical explosion set off a nuclear weapon in this terrorist fancily with tragic consequences. I don't have any deep hidden fear of nuclear disaster and in South Africa were I stay there is absolutely no threat of terrorism


8) I would like to relate a lucid dream I had the other night. I involves time, I found myself on a ox wagon amongst the Afrikaner people also know as Boers (farmers) These people left the Cape off good hope after British occupation and trekked north to find new territory much the same as the American pioneers that went south on mule trains..

8a) They called themselves Voortrekkers meaning those that track forward. They were a very religious people of great courage and faced much of the same hardship of their American counterparts. Where the American pioneers sometimes faced hostile Native Americans, so did these people face an even more fearsome people in the war like
opponent of native South Africans, such as the Zulu tribe of warriors.
8b) I was on one of these ox wagons perfectly aware that it was not a memory of some previous life, but that I was somehow experience a sort of time shift,

8c) As I can understand Afrikaans, even this early dialogue, I could hear what they were saying and even singing... Then the wagon train came across eight lions (in those days lions could be found everywhere in South Africa.)

8d) Somehow I found myself sitting and leaning against an adult male lion, I was terrified. The people began to shoot at the lions with their ancient flint lock type rifles killing a few lions but not the lion that I leaned against

8e) This lion could have hit me with his great paw but he did not and ran off into the high grass plain

9) Far back in time I found myself of a train pulled by a steam engine. This train I think ran from Durban to Johannesburg. What excited me was that I saw Johannesburg in multicolor exactly as it was over a hundred years ago. A few Victorian style building, tin shacks most likely those of the white miners and a huge number of African people’s hovels etc.

9a) It was snowing then in Johannesburg a very rare event in this then gold digger town. Suddenly the train arrived at Randfontein the gold mining town where I was born and someone even pointed out the exact hospital (Randfontein Hospital)

9b) I will try to find out what years Johannesburg had snow during the early 20th or late 19th centuries, maybe I can come up with something.
10 During a nap, on this morning I had a profound and lucid dream that I am sure is a message from God to Christians in order for them to understand some aspect of God’s judgment of sinners both in this world and in the next world in the afterlife.

10a) I found my self in a party situation. It was just like a swingers (Wife swapping) party, however, no one ever got satisfied and always wanted more from each other.

10b) I saw no food or water at these parties, just a lot of people entangled in sexual bliss. Someone informed we were indeed in heaven where everyone had a free will to do exactly as they liked without consequences as it was all just fun..

10c) I as there and enjoying myself, having great pleasure. the demon kept showing us how powerful he was saying even God could not stop him and we could enjoy eternity with him in a state of perpetual self and combined pleasure, we were told the outside of this realm was really hell with very limited free will and was dim grey cold and very unlike the great place of pleasure and fun that was our present domain.

10d) I saw clergyman and his wife come to the party and after a while, he got a disturbed look on his face and insisted he and his wife leave immediately. Later I found out this action led to the salvation of both his and his wife’s souls and knew they went to heaven now.

10e) Someone gave me a book I think was written by the demon but it was under a human author’s name, maybe an atheist. I read it with great enjoyment because it explained many mysteries about the universe, science and things that interested me due to my being insatiably curious about everything one could contemplate. there were also dark side to these stories but the demon told me I had no need to read that all.

I had only to concern myself was to have as much fun, pleasure as possible all the time and only to do things that furthered that selfish aim. Of course, he was also addressing all the people at this party while he was speaking to me. He was a very friendly fellow not at all frightening, as one would suppose a demon to be.

10f) While I was looking through the books great pictures, some of a sexual nature but not in anyway, others about the universe, astronomy, science I came across a page that had been torn out of the book, turning to the demon I asked him why this particular page had been ripped out of the book and all the other pictures left in?.

10h) He said because that picture was the ultimate blasphemy, I thought this odd why a demon would care about a blasphemous picture. I never found out what this picture was; only that it depicted the highest form of blasphemy against the one and holy God and his divine son the lord Jesus Christ.

10i) The moment after posing the question to the demon, he changed into a human, then a realization overcame me and I realized our immortal souls were in the greatest danger of eternal damnation.

10j) It now became I that was addressing the people there, I said to them all those who want to leave this place right now and who do not believe this is heaven stand up and follow me out of the door, of which I opened and left? About six people followed me out of the possible twenty that had attended the party.

10k) The others preferred to remain because they were told that they could exist in this pleasurable bliss of sexual ecstasy for eternity. I somehow knew this was a lie and they were all going ultimately to hell with the demon that had deceived them, but they had no excuse just like me deep down in their hearts they knew right from wrong, because God had imprinted this information into each of their hearts by means of their individual consciences.

10l) The place outside the door was not as bright as inside, l much quieter and someone shouted out at us from inside, “you have been fooled and deceived by the devil and in reality are now in hell”. I became confused even frightened that we had made a huge mistake, by leaving heaven and entering hell.

10m) While we were outside in what appeared to be a mild grayish day, we began to play catch the ball but with large rocks that we all could just pick up easily throw to each other and catch with ease, not matter how large the rocks were. I now knew we were having fun enjoying ourselves in a healthy competitive way, much unlike the extreme pleasure in the house of depravity we had just left behind us.

10n) We were then all taken to a room by a train of some sort or the other. There we were told we were to be given a test or examination of some sort or the other, which the reason for this test became obvious to all of us later.

10o) This test involved a number of word scrabble like puzzles on a blue sheet of paper due to my poor eyesight I could not see all the questions clearly, anyway I did my best and remember having to unscramble a number of word under the title “sales” squinting my best in the dim light I could not make out the letters I asked the moderator to brighten the light and he refused. I then commanded him in the name of God to increase the light and he promptly complied.

10p) I had by this time, unscrambled all the letters in the sales question except two of them


10q) This is what I saw on one question, note I am very bad at scrabble and time was running out, then it came to me I could be unscrambled to read into "loved” and I wrote that word on the test sheet. I had completed all the answers except one, but only on the saved column.



11) I found myself walking on a monochrome moon, I walked up the huge rim of a crater, and looked down in wonder at a beautiful city of light nestled in the craters bowl. It was unimaginable beautiful something like a small paradise or new Garden of Eden.

12) I found myself on what I think is a remote planet somewhere in the universe. I entered a small village at the moment darkness was oozing over it. What frightened me about this event, was I walked up to a little girl , looked into her eyes and to my horror saw the life slowly drain out of her eyes.

13) I have found myself in an alternate reality, were I moved around not the usual way by walking, but by floating just a few inches from the floor in an effortless way. I just seem to flow to where my thought directed me to go.

14) I have seemly into some distant future that might be that of our planet or some other place, where the houses were all constructed out of a single piece of colored plastic material. In my opinion the houses in our time are much better constructed than these garish monstrosities. They were falling into sink holes, or spiting apart and I tried my best to warn the people there what was happening.

15) I have found myself in a large shopping mall, approached people and tried to interact with them, by touching or shouting, only some seem to sense my presence in a vague sort of way.

16) I have found myself floating peacefully outside in the dark of the night, looking upward at the stars about, one star in particular fascinated me because it was moving back and firth across the sky. It was very cold, I knew this although it had no affect on me.
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Reply Sat 22 Apr, 2017 11:45 am
@Alan McDougall,
Al again it's striking how our experiences mingle. Indeed in my old age my dreams are much more vivid. I often awake wishing I cold remember enough of 'em to write a book. Or a movie script

As to meaning, that's controversial. I lean to Freud but then I'm just an old fella

But I'm glad I can't remember 'em else I might spend even more time at this kinda stuff

Edited to remark that we just had a call from No. 2 Son, when we discussed, among many other trivial things, the vivid dream. Seems they might derive from minor reactions to our daily meds

Maybe we should initiate a Major Topic, 'Trivial matters,'
Alan McDougall
Reply Sat 22 Apr, 2017 02:57 pm
dalehileman wrote:

Al again it's striking how our experiences mingle. Indeed in my old age my dreams are much more vivid. I often awake wishing I cold remember enough of 'em to write a book. Or a movie script

As to meaning, that's controversial. I lean to Freud but then I'm just an old fella

But I'm glad I can't remember 'em else I might spend even more time at this kinda stuff

Edited to remark that we just had a call from No. 2 Son, when we discussed, among many other trivial things, the vivid dream. Seems they might derive from minor reactions to our daily meds

Maybe we should initiate a Major Topic, 'Trivial matters,'

I am also an old fella going on 77 years of age next birthday The bible says In the last days I will pour out of my spirit on all flesh and my young men and handmaidens shall prophesy and my old men will see visions and dream, dreams.

Thus you should really try remembering them by writing them down the moment after waking in the morning. This is one of Almighty Gods ways of communicating with us.
Reply Sat 22 Apr, 2017 03:32 pm
@Alan McDougall,
Thanks Mac for responding so intelligently, somethin' i wish we could teach the TAT

Thanks also for the fine suggestion, and in fact usta do just that; but now even moments after I wake, I can remember only a single highlight or two
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