They all walked backward, can you make sense of it?

Reply Fri 21 Apr, 2017 06:21 pm
They all walked backward, can you make sense of it?

I mentioned this dream because I felt it was so weird and unusual and because I had had the same type of dream in that dimension three times.

In this strange dream,I walked forward it time, while in another time frame relative to me, they always walked backwards, however to those in their own alternate realm they were walking forward in time, while it was me that was backward in time?

What I am now going to describe is very weird but it is a lucid dream that I have had that I simply have no explanation. I went to another dimension or universe where time was reversing and everything and everyone was moving backwards in time. Now you have heard the phrase, "In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king"

In this bizarre alternate reality I could move both back and forward in time and space appeared to be king and I could easily reveal or hide myself there.

Take this case I saw a man who was moving backward from his desk work at 9 am. backward to the morning when he left for work at home at 7am am.

He reversed from his desk to the elevator and while it was moving upwards to his level in the building, and to synchronize exactly with it the moment it reached his the door opened and without looking he reversed into the elevator.

Weird not really! If you play the scenario forward. As the elevator reached his floor it opened and he got out and went to his desk. In his time frame.

Now to make him aware of my presence, I walked in front of him as he reversed from 9am to when he got out of bed at 7am morning. He was startled by this being that suddenly appeared in front of him walking backwards in sync. To his forwards motion

 No matter how hard to tried to get rid of this apparition (me). Once I got behind him as he was reversing and stopped him moving backwards in my time frame, by placing my hands firmly on his back.

So what did he experience when he was moving forward in his time frame time, suddenly he was stopped from some sort of a glue or force feeling a weird sense that there was another entity behind him that he could not identify. I think the hairs on his neck stood up straight don’t you? I could really have fun here I was the phantom of the opera here.

This guy seemed in the dream at least to be a real person and I could see he was confused even frightened by the apparition I had arrived into his reality.

The interaction between these two time dimensions, when I come to think about, it were so complex one would need an Einstein to explain what was really going on.

For instance I noticed he could see me at times and tried to rush at me and touch me.

All I did from his perspective was receding. As his attempt of rushing toward me increased the variance of the two alternate time dimensions just increased

He just moved faster backward from me, and the harder he tried to touch me the more I receded. "Weird" very "Weird"

He was from his perspective moving forward in time and I was reversing time somehow and following him back from 5 pm to 9 am when he left work. It is really hard to explain and confusing and convoluted.

I have these lucid dreams nearly every night and can at times read words clearly from future news papers etc.

The other night for example I saw two words 'EANEA" and "NUNNU" "NUNNU". I googled these words today and they are both on the net, but I can't yet make any connection yet I seem to e becoming much more adept since joining the forum.

By Alan McDougall

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Reply Sat 22 Apr, 2017 01:30 am
The other night for example I saw two words 'EANEA" and "NUNNU" "NUNNU".

Thanks for sharing this. That is the most profound thing I have seen on this forum in a long time.
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