Lovatts Big September 283. Demon

Reply Mon 19 Sep, 2016 11:45 pm
Help please
137 a Problematic (issue) .e.ed
123 d. Diagonal fighter-plane formation ..h.l.n
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Reply Mon 19 Sep, 2016 11:50 pm
123 echelon
Reply Wed 21 Sep, 2016 05:16 am
137a A vexed issue
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Reply Wed 21 Sep, 2016 06:49 pm
Thanks for that
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Reply Sun 7 Jan, 2018 09:07 pm
so um I got an issue with I think demons. or they claim to be any way. does anybody know something about like the veil thinning in ones mind and like you start to perceive things your really not meant to. like say demonic entities. they claim to be anyway. um so I get a really good audio connection I mean crystyal clear. and sometimes I get visuals. I don't think I ever really get demonic visuals though I'm not sure what they are. I mean I didnt really believe in this stuff up until it started happening. I mean I always believed in god ofcourse. but then I started perceiving this demonic entity. he claims to be satan constantly though its doobious. its got to be impossible for a good hearted person like myself to inadvertently be in contact with satan himself. but he claims he is the devil incarnate and he is Curtis McCollum of Hooper Utah. He has a plan in place for complete domination. total domination. eternal suffering and torment on a scale of which is basically uncomprehendable. but the glimpses and what has been described to me through even himself is beyond my wildest nightmares. but apparently on this physical plane he has a plan by using his security clearance to get on base because he or the human he is possessing or controlling through means of lies and deceipt or may actually be incarnated (Curtis McCollum) has a job at Hill Air Force Base. Apparently he has gotten his hands on top secret technology (illegally I'm sure). some kind alien mechanical or robotic or machine of some kind which to us would be completely futuristic by our perceptions. so by using or possibly some kind of bone binding to this device creating some kind of basically cybornetic organism(organisms aren't always small). the person being bonded to this thing claims to be of demonic origin. or has become demonic over time. either way claims to be a demon. but as you know demons like to play tricks so they tell me many many things trying to distort the truth lest I figure it out and try to seek help. which is what I am doing because at this point and its been a long time coming I am finally fairly fairly certain I have it narrowed down. but I have heard often that he is in fact an extra terrestrial portraying satan. apparently he is some kind of fifth dimensional being shaped somewhat like a worm and he is many of them connected consciously within some sort of plasma bubble. but he is using some means of control over demons and uses his satan ruse to aid in this. or he is satan using the E.T. thing as a ruse, to deflect the truth, lest I figure it out and seek help. whatever he is he is evil. of the most horrific kind you never thought possible. this McCollum on this physical plane does extremely satanic and torturous things to his immediate family who are basically trapped in a hostage situation. even though it wouldn't appear that way. I mean do you think he would be so wreckless as to appear an evil man. its all about deception with him. he deceives his enemy (good in general; God) and he deceives even the people that "work" for him (for lack of a better term). tells them he will give them this and give them that and money and power and fame sometimes all kinds of stuff a human would be tempted into wanting. its almost cliché sometimes. but this is how its is. after years of carefully analyzing this, this is how I think it is. but in the end his servants get the exact thing they helped make happen. it seems surprisingly fitting if you think about it. the ethereal realm is one of the most consistant things through this trickery. I'm positive the etereal realm has everything to do with this. it would seem I have some sort of connection to the ether. something very strong. I think its usually a fairly calm place but at some point this (satan/McCollum) thing started to come into being and everything is not right there now (to put it mildly). apparently its frequented often by certain individuals some kind of place people go to to play with what they percieve as magic. and too often its energy is manipulated in the wrong way. a maleficent way. but I do think that there are beings gifted by a natural power that would give them a way to manipulate this energy in a natural and positive (benevolent) way. but so I'm wondering if there is like an unknown department of the government that handles this sort of paranormal, satanic, etc. problem the world may be facing right now. or some tricks to ward off demonic entities. I keep faith but their influence is heavy. I wish I could get into contact with some government officials or somebody with good valid knowledge of things super natural.
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