Where can I find this?! "Creepy Song LSD2" Youtube Video

Reply Mon 28 Dec, 2015 12:03 am
Okay everyone, there was a video a few years back and I cannot find it anywhere. Thank god someone took everything that was said and posted it in a fanfiction.

The Video was taken off of youtube and metacafe's video was powered by youtube so thats a no go. I am really hoping someone somehow has it.

Its not exactly a song? The guys voice was kinda raspy and freaked out sounding. The tittle of the video was "Creep Song LSD2"

This is everything he said.

I know a secret.
Not many people know about it,
and I wish I didn't either.
I dont like to talk about it
but ever since I found it
nothing quite makes any sense
Since I found it
strange things have been happening
that should never happen
when you're awake.
Like two nights ago
I thought maybe
things were getting back to normal again
but then I suddenly noticed my eyes in the mirror
in the dark
but then I realized
they werent my eyes
they started sliding down the wall
and then I realized
there was no mirror there
the night when it first started
things, just, random things
would fall apart into little spiders
for no reason
I could hear their legs clicking over the walls
in the dark
sometimes when I try to sleep
i could feel them crawling on me
like their angry
they carry little pieces of me away
into the walls
and I scream
and I keep screaming
and waiting for the alarm clock to ring
but it never does
so I dont sleep anymore
I dont turn the lights on anymore either
because I dont want to know what I'll see
I just sit here
in the dark
and I just keep laughing
because I'm too afraid to stop
its all because
I know a secret
because I opened the box
see, theres a box
down in the basement
I dont know how it got there
its been there for as long as I can remember
just sitting there in the dark
I've always been afraid of that box
You know the one I mean
its an ordinary looking box
usually floating in the jelly just behind your thoughts
sometimes you'll see it in your nightmares
there'll be a dark room
with a dark corner
and in that corner
there'll be a box
its always there, even if you dont notice it
and if you look at it very closely
but then you wake up
and you forget it ever happened
the box soaks up what you dont want to see
it keeps everything from falling apart
that feeling that you almost know something
that would tear your mind to pieces
you have to know what it is
and once you know it
you'd do anything to forget it
but its too late
when the box is open
you can never close it again
and last week
I went down into the basement
and I opened the box
thats when it all started
the whispering
things that dont talk
chanting their secrets to me
i still dont know what happened to my family
the ones that used to live with me
but their are pieces of them
still laying in the corners
they dont say anything anymore
and everywhere I look theres a new world
made of little spiders
swarming in the dark
as I watch myself slowly fall to dust
because now I know
what I never wanted to know
because of that one
I saw in the box
and it was
thats the secret
If I told you
you'd open the box too.
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