The True World...that noone wants to talk about

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Hello. To you I am just everyone else; But, in fact I am starting a revolution (TODAY). I've been waiting my whole "life" for someone to do the same as I am today, but most of them are locked away in a mental institution or too afraid to speak out. It's time that someone speaks out.
Now, its blunt to say that I am the next or in history speaking "Jesus", but NOONE before me has spoke out.
Those who, although they can agree with every point I make, think I'm nuts, must close their eyes and think about the facts I am about to flow into English writing.
1.) We all die.
2.) Our God as we know Him (being taught by other humans) is STUPID.
3.) Our life would be better just by using common sense.

There might be only 3 facts listed, but those facts FILL ENTIRE LIVES. This is our world that we live in. We wake up, eat and sleep those 3 facts. If me saying that God is "stupid" offends you, then you are obviously in the mix of confusion.
About FACT #1: (We all die.)
Now, everyone with a brain knows that we all die, now... we don't know what happens when we die, heaven, hell or nothing, we still die.
Death is a creation of our beloved God. You have to ask yourself the question, why would God let us live a short meaningless life, then die. As simple and blunt as it sounds, that's our life.
Most of us spend most of our lives worrying about material things and unnecessary drama, and then die a lonely death. We say family is the most important thing in life, BUT yet NOONE changes how we live. Common sense tells us all that material things and "money" is not important, but yet live a live that's all about it. Either we are unknowingly participating in Satan's work, or we are just plain RETARDED hypocrites.
We watch commercials on TV about children starving in Africa, or in other parts of the world, BUT we never see commercials about HOW MUCH LAND CAN BE DEDICATED TO FEEDING EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. Its like we feed off of peoples' suffering. Like the God we see and worship everyday (message to Christians) is actually Satan in disguise. Just think about it, would our God from our Holy book, The Bible, want us to be meaningless beings put on this earth to cherish material belongings and kill each other in meaningless wars? That brings the question, what are all these wars about? Land? Money? Material things?... well for all existence, that's what we have been fighting against each other for. Literally NOTHING. When you actually snap back into reality and think about it, COMMON SENSE tells us that all "wars" are evil and stupid. No matter if it's a "Holy war" or not, its all what the REAL GOD does not want. That brings us to the fact of one of the Ten Commandments given to Moses, Thou shall not kill.
Everyone who participates (and yes we ALL have a choice) in meaningless slaughtering wars are doing Satan's work, and if not Satan's work, then I can still say its against our God's wishes.
Why can't we as a whole, CREATE a new world? A world that makes SENSE? A world where SUFFERING is a thing of the past? Just think about it.
Our second fact was Our God being Stupid. I did not mean that literally, it was said to get you thinking of your reality. God is all knowing and loving. He gave us the power to realize stupidity, and all of us, so far, has ignored that fact. A fact I can say is that, our lives as of today, is meaningless and hopeless. No hope lies our lives. That's why people are thinking about making robot hybrid humans to live forever.
Now (in today's world), just the fact that people are devising ideas about creating something to bypass God's creation, is blasphemy. Don't you think that our loving God, did not want this world (as it is today) like this? This world and all of your lives are creations of other humans. We now see a "logo" of a product and put that image in our minds as a relationship to our everyday life. That's very sad. So sad that we are at the "point of no return".
We need to acknowledge these important facts, and rebel against them, in order to live meaningful lives.
The last fact mentioned above, is literally COMMON SENSE. If all of us in the world used our gift of common sense, we would be living in a perfect world that God intended for us. I woke up one day, and asked myself, "why are we suffering so much?" I've done a LOT of research about biology, chemistry, history and universe science (including but not limited to earth and universal entities), and I've obtained the following knowledge:
1.) We are wasting resources on unnecessary issues
2.) We "pretend to care" about our REAL issues, and focus on material things (such as electronics and the internet)
3.) We now have enough technology advanced to cure/prevent every known diseases, but yet we still push for medications and remedies that only affect symptoms instead of the root cause.
4.) We know how to feed the whole world, but choose not to.(unknowingly)
5. ) ...and the most important, We know how to worship God the way he wants us to, and choose not to.

This brings us to my last point ( even though I can expand my thoughts in MUCH MORE) that we are living a lie. YOUR LIFE IS A LIE. WAKE UP. ****,(forgive me God) WE have been living a lie since we were born, not even realizing it. But, I know in the backs of every human, there lies the facts. The very worries that we run from every day. That's what fuels our current world. OUR FEAR. We are all scared to die, we are all scared of loss, being broke, not having love, rejection, being able to pay the bills... and much more. The point is, that our messed up world is fueled by FEAR. Just what Satan wants. For all those who say you don't fear for anything, its a lie.
Fear is where we are at today, Hope can be tomorrow. If you want to talk about life, the true God or just anything at all, please feel free to reply below, or e-mail me at [email protected]. I'm here to help, and start a new better world. Made for God's people.
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Reply Sun 9 Aug, 2015 09:16 am
Truth, I'm impressed by your effort. However it should be better organized. For instance,

About FACT #1:
...my immediate reaction was a quick search for "#2," but there wasn't any such

Though my very first impression was, "It's too long." You might summarize it for instance but in a separate thread (crossrefs okay using links). Even shortened in that manner tho, I'd provide para headings, maybe in bold

Incidentally it's helpful to indent each para, separating with returns

Best of luck, in Truth
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