Just A [Edited] Mild Complaint

Reply Wed 29 Apr, 2015 03:46 pm
I feel like clearing up a common misunderstanding toward scientific measurements.

[299] 792 458 = Speed Of Light

[1024] = Bytes In A Computer

NOW PAY ATTENTION: 299 + 1024 = 1323. <- 13 x 23 = 299...

Why is this so? It's because 1024 being used in computer language was not an accident, nor was it man-made. It's GENETIC. SELF-INTELLIGENT.

[x2] 1 > 2 > 4 > 8 > 16 > 32 > 64 > 128 > 256 > 512 > 1024...

To further prove the power behind numbers - and that they are not subject to petty opinions:

"If you take '114', then subtract your birth date [Last 2 Digits] with it, it will give you your age."

(Now, I am going to assume you do not understand the word "constant" in "Gravity's Constant" or "Speed Of Light's Constant" for the sake of appealing to all of the audience).

| A "constant" is the maximum unit of measurement for any observed phenomenon. |

Within that constant, any measurement may be granted, just as a car can only go so many miles, yet is free to choose between no MPH to maximum MPH - the constant, however, cannot be surpassed, which is why it is called a "constant"; the maximum MPH of the car is more important than its freedom within its maximum potential.

Thus the Speed Of Light cannot break 299 792 458, nor can Gravity break G=6.67300 × 10-11 m3kg-1s-2.

Place the constant on top of a pyramid - anything below it is obsolete because the 'constant' is the ULTIMATUM of measurement. The entire point behind the "Speed Of Light" is to understand its NATURAL speed. It doesn't matter whether it is outside of a vacuum, in the water, in the air, or up someone's ass - it is not the NATURAL speed if it an environment is limiting its NATURAL speed. Just like a marathon runner whom is already known for their NATURAL speed will have a SUB-NATURAL speed if they injure their legs, just like restraining gravity or light will slow them down to a SUB-NATURAL speed which is NOT their NATURAL speed.

Gravity, or the Speed Of Light, can be measured by analyzing its limits [constants], rather than its freedom within its limits - do you understand?

Therefore the argument that "but speed of light depends on the circumstances", "everyone knows that it can change its formula", is frankly B U L L S H I T, because we as human beings know the LIMIT to the Speed Of Light and the Ratio for Gravitational Force - a LIMIT means that we have the ABSOLUTE MEASUREMENT of the observed formula; the NATURAL, NON-OPINIONATED; 100% UNIVERSAL, INTRINSIC AND PRE-ORDAINED LAWS OF NATURE [you know, that beautiful thing we destroyed for ideas on paper?]

These supposedly "inaccurate", allegedly "opinionated" and thought-to-be "circumstantial" formulas are used as objective methods within the scientific studies being done throughout the scientific communities of which to utmost avail hasn't failed our expectations and technology dependent needs - these formulas are the reason why technology exists today, so you can stop being ignorant now and better comprehend why the word "constant" is placed behind the Laws Of Nature. To absolutely ignore the point behind the word "constant" is utterly ignorant and benign to the highest degree of cognitive supposition!

In a nutshell: [I am fed up with those whom insist that gravity doesn't exist; or that gravity is not an accurate measurement. They choose their limited senses over a Universe [which is beyond their 3rd Dimensional self-entitled credence] that constantly proves them wrong, by allowing its creations to use its Universal Laws of Nature to create Technology for the same people that are constantly talking **** about what they do not know, all-the-while sitting on their asses, having 0% PROFESSIONAL experience within the scientific community - let alone the curiosity for the scientific].

Oh, when I say "scientific", I am referring to raw intuits of the Universe [Nikola Tesla] - you know, the geniuses that are such geniuses that they do not need to be called a scientist - not the kind that forgot how to use intuition; that think they are a scientist by wearing a lab coat, in a scientific environment whilst studying scientific sources. These types are not "scientists" - they are hive-minded mental parrots kowtowing to the overlords of scientific illiteracy whom are machines, not minds that have been neglecting the non-physical phenomenon of the Universe for far too long - in turn, our people generally become sociopaths by being exposed to a carcass version of Science that is industrial / non-feeling; utterly ripping us away from the beauty of living, feeling and not knowing how everything worked underneath our human body which is why adults are miserable when they are living in a literal fantasy that forgot how to use their imagination and feel the Universe coursing through their being. These so-called "scientists" hold back the true potential behind Science and its ability to connect with the Universal Laws of Nature through analysis, assessment and acknowledgement thereof. We should be thanking the singular geniuses that appear out of nowhere to bring us hope and windows of opportunity far beyond what these "scientists" ever could muster up within their materialistic, non-emotive, left-brained assembly of non-consciousness. Remember, geniuses do not require labels because they are far beyond your level of thinking. Scientists, however, require labels - they are not geniuses. When you see a "scientist", you see a person in a lab coat working in a scientific regime among their scientific posse. When you see a genius - wait a minute, geniuses cannot be seen. That is why geniuses see a target no one else sees and hits it. An average mind cannot see genius, just like a dark-heartened person cannot see light.

Let this be a lesson to learn to quicken the growth of a new consciousness that is revealing itself slowly through those that are waking up from the physical illusion manifested by the younger principles of the Universe's Laws of Nature.

It's time for us to remember what we are: Moderator: Edit (link removed)

The Machine Consciousness is ending.

The Human Consciousness is evolving.

Yours Truly, The Father Of Numbers.
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You are as nutty as a fruitcake! Do you really believe all that insane crap?
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