"the guy has down votes, he must be a **** screw" "nah, man. votes give the illusion of power"

Reply Thu 18 Sep, 2014 09:12 pm
I agree random quote I wrote in the title that belongs to nobody else but me! I agree! These voting systems give people the illusion of being right/wrong, when it's just masturbating people's ego. Vote systems make people think they have the power to make choices, when the voting system is just an "opinion" in disguise. But because people see "numbers", instead of a button that says "why do you need to up vote and down vote, if it's YOUR OPINION? **** OFF ROCK DWELLER.", people assume they have power because "numbers" affect our "positive reinforcement" & "negative reinforcement" psychology. You see, if I got wise men together and stupid people - who would down vote? The idiots. Who would up vote? The wise men. WHY? Because idiots are negative and wise men are positive! So when you create a voting system, it's not "right/wrong", or "yes/no", NO INSTEAD, it's "the tiny amount of wise people/the billions of idiots".

See the point now? Voting systems are rigged the moment we gave idiots the privilege to use the SAME SYSTEM as intellects - when there is not very many truly intelligent people versus the many ignoramuses. We might as well let children become presidents at this rate!
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One Eyed Mind
Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2014 04:06 pm
@One Eyed Mind,
I agree with me agreeing with me.
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Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2014 05:21 pm
Yeeeaahh. . . that sounds about right..
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