The Universe Lives Through Us - Only Then Can It Be Known

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Because the human brain is governed by the space and matter of the Universe. So when I say they are built on and behaving in the same system, I mean that the human brain is a smaller scaled version of the Universe. So in the Universe, it's: dark matter > new matter > light matter; In Us, it's: ignorance > information > intelligence.

That's just the beginning. The neurons in our brain behave like stars.

Kidney stones behave like mini asteroids.

Our lungs and neuron system are influenced by the design of plant.

Pores on our skin designed and influenced by rock.

Blood is made from iron - mars is red, it contains iron, and iron is basically the "foundation" of form, while blood is the "foundation" of life.

Red and blue; fire/water; veins/arteries; oxygen/carbon; core of the planet is red > outside the core is blue > combine blue + red equals the purple Universe outside of the planet. The planets, themselves are in order of red/solid > blue/gas.

The human eye is a tiny galaxy. The human eye is shaped like a galaxy <O>. The human eye emits gamma rays under certain conditions. The human eyes absorbs and releases information. The human eye's photo receptors were emerging from space before stars existed billions of years ago.

Inside the eye, with a microscope, you can see the nebula design.

Our emotions are based on the physics of stars, and made out of the chemicals of stars.

Our body is made out of space material and the cosmic tools of the Universe.

Our fingers are designed and influenced by a recent family of mushrooms, which look exactly like our thumb. The mushrooms in every forest is connected to the whole forest channel. The fingers are connected to the whole body, which is why doctors can tell every disease you have by the fingers alone.

The jellyfish and the fingers are connected in design as well, when it comes to electricity that is. The jellyfish is the Universe experiencing itself, touching its own world with its own tools. The jellyfish looks like the mushrooms on a sea level, it's also using electricity, which will explain why our nervous system is mixed with plant, mushroom and everything else from the Universe.

Humans experience insanity/sanity because humans are experiencing the "spiral" of space. They can be "drawn in" or "drawn outwards", like spirals, as well as experience sound/silence, which again, is based on spirals. This explains why becoming intelligent is violent and chaotic, while staying ignorant is calm and collected.

Our emotions are based on fire/water; stone/flow.

Our reality and what is imaginary are based on Riemann's Hypothesis, in that there are numbers behind whole numbers that achieve infinity likened to true infinity. This explains why fear and ignorance is "infinite", yet it's also "nothing".

When we go to sleep, that's us reincarnating via physical/metaphysical, which is why we feel "new" when we wake up.

The finger nail looks like white onion - onion contains about 80% water; the nail contains 12% water, so there may be an influence and design between onion and fingernails, but that does not mean the nails are to be eaten like onion by all means.

The eyes, the nails and the skin turn yellow, much like a pearl inside an oyster does, which is evidence that everything we are made of, is inspired by the contents of a pearl.

The coral in the sea inspired and influenced the design of our bone structure.

Our back was designed and influenced by the turtle.

Our heart's chamber stages were inspired and influenced by the design of a fish heart, frog heart and a turtle heart.

We become angry like electrons and bees. We work together when not angry like electrons and bees.

Noise is when the Universe is abrupt. Our society is built on noise; our experience was built into what was originally an ambient world. Silence is our greatest teacher, as self-reflection. Everyone has their eye of the tornado; the "inner peace", deep inside their subconscious, which means that around this, is the violent winds spiraling inwards. We do not spin, but we live in a planet that spins for us.

When we speak, we are using sound. When we do not control the tone of our voice, we create noise.

When we compose music, there's a fluctuation system - one cannot keep playing the same note over and over without the Universe losing its mind... One can change the tone of the same note to create space between the sounds, however.

Human level of sex: Male genitalia spreads semen, the semen is absorbed by the female's uterus to create life.

Planet level of sex: The volcano erupts, the contents of the lava is absorbed by the soil to create life.

Cosmic level of sex: The star explodes, the star's contents are absorbed by the black hole to create life.

Prove me wrong. I write in question, else this post would not exist. (A confident man does not ask questions; a confident man makes questions.)
I want people who understand science to discuss my ideas by using their understanding of the world to contradict my understanding of the Universe. Nobody has the burden of proof, because this level of thinking is beyond average minds. Proof is for the average-minded - this is a work of a genius, and so it must be worked with by another genius, for the source I work with, is the source Nikola Tesla knew existed, but could not find.

We are the Universe experiencing itself. It would be absurd to deny any of this, when we question our own questioning system and that ideas come to us, we do not come to them. That everything truly originates from the subconscious processes of this biological system that can never be experienced and observed by us, only acknowledged by the relation point in acknowledging "something" is "driving" it.
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Reply Fri 5 Sep, 2014 04:25 pm
@One Eyed Mind,
Mind, the apodictical existential pantheist agrees, pointing out in a like fashion, how the Universe is Her body and all the activity herein, Her mind at work
One Eyed Mind
Reply Fri 5 Sep, 2014 04:35 pm
May I suggest the body to be both "His" and "Her"?

The star is much like a male, in that it shines externally, it expands and it releases seed after consuming itself in power (it lives its life drawing outwards; gives life drawing inwards).

The black hole is much like a female, in that it is becoming, it's a mystery as it's not yet anything; very much artistic, wild and internal (it lives its life drawing inwards; gives life drawing outwards).

The star cannot live without the black hole; the male cannot live without the female.

Reply Sat 6 Sep, 2014 10:25 am
@One Eyed Mind,

Thanks Mind, well put

My use of "She" is of course slightly facetious

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Reply Sat 6 Sep, 2014 10:33 am
Ah, monumental conceit. . .

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