Need Help Putting Together an Anniversary Gift

Reply Wed 6 Nov, 2013 03:35 am
Its my one year anniversary soon and really like this girl so i need your guys help
I have picked out a piece of jewelry for one gift but i need help figuring out how to give her 3 other things which are sentimental. The 3 items are:
1. tickets from the first movie we went to
2. Photo from the first time i took her out to dinner
3. A big handful of sand which i took from the first time i took her to the beach

p.s she doesnt know i have these 3 items.
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Reply Wed 6 Nov, 2013 06:35 am
One thing I will say, and that is you will probably be making a rod for your own back. If you assemble such a sentimental, bordering on romantic present for your first anniversary, then this could easily set some sort of precedent for the future.
Before you know it, you'll be giving roses for Valentines and other such nonsense for birthdays and christmas.
Far better that you pretend to have forgotten all about your anniversary, or if you feel compelled to celebrate it somehow, buy her something practical, like a broom or hoover, so she can perfect her housework skills before you set up home together.
Maybe sign her up for a car maintenance course, so that when you are full time partners in life, she can help you restore an old Mustang or suchlike.

Glad I could help.....
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Reply Wed 6 Nov, 2013 08:48 am
Here are a couple of thoughts - you could have sort of scavenger hunt - you give a hint and then she finds the package with one item and then the next and so forth.

Maybe not possible, but you could do all three in one night - take her to the restaurant and have the gift of the photo wrapped up at dinner, take her to the movie (again hand her the gift of the movie ticket) and then take her to the beach for even a little walk and hand her the next gift.

And if the three above are too difficult - you could have one big box and within that box have each gift in a slighly smaller box - for instance you have the big box and when she opens it, there is the movie ticket stub ontop the next sized box. She opens the next sized box and there is the picture ontop the smallest box - the smallest box has the sand.

Added to these you could add a little note - this is our first movie together; this is our first dinner together and then sand from our first beach date.

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