Should Limbaugh be tried as a WAR CRIMINAL?

Reply Thu 27 Jun, 2013 04:06 pm

Prosecute Limbaugh :War Criminal.
If the allies at the end of W.W. 2 could hang a comic book writer and publisher for war crimes , then certainly they can try RUSH LIMBAUGH for treason and

contributing to the senseless slaughter of 129 thous .iraquis and instigation of a war based on lies and treasonous motivation. A war that wound

up costing the needless loss of 4.880 U.S. servicemen. El RUSHBO is an agent of a foreign power and he promotes the release of convicted jewish spies. He gloats over the deaths of RACHEL COREY and all the sailors that were murdered in cold blood by israeli criminals.

He is plotting to instigate another war for his aipac handlers ;a war that will make everything to date seem as nothing more than a fight over a parking space. LIMBAUGH is preparing the morons who listen to his circus act for a war with iran.

We are closer now to a general conflagration in the middle east than ever before in the modern history of the region. The players will surprise you..

This is something I've recently learned and comes with a confirmation from some top notch jounalists working the IRAN desk at Al-jazeera.

I'll try to develop this story gradually ,because I still need to learn some more. Generally what I believe and can now confirm is that Turkey will soon be moving heavy armor up to the iranian border. Turkey has also received anti missile assets ,under the guise of protecting their border towns from Syrian missile strikes.

That is an obvious farse on the face of it; syria has enough problems than to take on turkey as well.

I always knew there was bad blood between the iranians and the turks but i failed to see just how deep the hatred was. It has a lot to do with the cold blooded murders of the alawaites living in eastern turkey. For now the turks are trying to sign a truce with the kurds . This will be for convenience only;allowing them to concentrate on the coming conflict with iran.

I think iran can mop the floor with the turks. But turkey will draw the rest of nato and the usa into the abyss .And this will make israel and their number one stooge on the media[EL RUSHBO] laugh and chuckle all the way to the bank. And as usual ,the butcher's bill will be paid by the thousands of white christian americans;naive enough to believe all the lies that come out of the mouth of America's number one ringmaster of lies and political misleading deceptions.

.This is something that never fails to bring delight to the diabolical monstrosities pulling the strings in the nation's capital.
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Reply Thu 27 Jun, 2013 04:19 pm
@count markovalley,
You do realize that the govt is run by Obama and not Limbaugh. If we go to war with Iran you can blame Obama and Obama alone.
count markovalley
Reply Thu 27 Jun, 2013 04:23 pm
Not quite true. Limbaugh is a big part of the news media ,in so far as forming popular opinion. no government can execute a successful war without the backing of the media. .. Limbaugh did a great job forming anti-iraq and pro-israel public opinion in the past and the judas will do his job once again. And the blood of american servicemen will be on his hands.
but he will reap millions for his bloody efforts.
Reply Fri 28 Jun, 2013 09:55 am
@count markovalley,
Limbaugh is not part of the news media. He is not a reporter or a journalist. He has a talk show and that is it.

Judas? Who did he betray? If your thinking he betrayed the American people then you are wrong. I'm more upset with the anti-war protestors and their double standards of support. Once Obama got into office the anti-war protests just about stopped over night and we haven't heard a peep from groups like code pink.
count markovalley
Reply Fri 28 Jun, 2013 02:46 pm
What does he TALK about.. Backing the wmds scam was the greatest act of betrayal against the american people since FDR stacking the navy DECK at pearl [dec 7]
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