Reply Fri 29 Mar, 2013 04:53 pm

Circles runnin in em
No fun in spittin venom
When you're gonna get em
But you're pinned and ridden
Like a pig in rhythm
Sittin written **** is liftin
Lippin wishes thinkin
With the threatened bets are set
I get no regrets to fret
Upon, I've donned like Shaun con.
Or khan, in a bun o' fun
Well I'm done here hun, gotta run
Guns go off and on
They remind me to be free
When I'm gone

Truth glued you to a new booth
It's this pit of iffy ****
Yo don't know no show
Like Poe I'll grow and go
Toe to toe to you
It's true, though blue
As the ocean itself
You noticed this hell
As a potent pit-well
And a rodents lit shell
Yah you're rats
Cats and bats
Eat you like that
Dinner, that's
You, yeah
Ya knew
It true

Shotgun shells gonna give them hell
But I can tell you miss me

Pocket fill with our Freewill
But I know still you miss me

Choppin like a blade
Poppin like a 'nade
Rockin on the stage
And lockin like a cage
Rippin up the face
Grippin for the lace
Shipping for the race
And slippin at the base
Yknow what I love in me?
I'm obsessed with symmetry
It really aint much of a kin to me
But I think it's an undissed free be
To believe and it's like I've got an OCD
Notice these lines finish in a line, my kind
Of rap, perfect flows and perfect time, rhyme
And ladder to climb, up, but we are almost down
Okay let get this town, to spin lots, jump aroun
Falling the calling it's bawling and small see
It tilting and wilting like filling its building
It is willing, to be thrilling, for chilling
Stories of gory glory it bores me
It's pouring more flooring to
Run about. Jump around
Not g-gonna go there
I d-d-d-don't care
It's not unfair
To bear
And break the chain! No pain! Are ya bane or Bruce Wayne, my brain is insane, here's the joker for ya, I'm all over the crazy train!

Rockets pop and bodies rock
Yet I can't stop insisting

Feelin blue i can't unglue
I know it's true you miss me

Shocks in the body, rockin for the lotty
Put the shotty in the lobby
(Let them feel what I can't deal
And it is real, you miss me)

Like a Bugatti gotta drop heat
Like a beat in the hot seat
(You can grow on those you show
And now i know you miss me)

(Ooooh, oh-ooooooh, oh-ooooooh!
Lip singers! Sip drinkers!
(Let them get it and repeat
It is lit, you miss me)

(Ooooh, oh-oooooh, oh-ooooooh!
(Sadness madness gladness)
(Didn't you miss me?)

Oooooh, oh-oooooh oh-oooooooh!
(Repeat repeat repeat)
(Am I what's missing?)

Oh... Oh... Oooooooh...
(defeat! Defeat! Defeat!)
(I miss you)

Sandman, show mercy-
These peeps be thirsty
Are them peeps worthy
Or did they come too early
Show mercy.

Despite the fright
Delight you miss me

Write the rights
You fight you miss me

Love oh love oh love

Love of clouds above

Love oh love oh love

Take me down...
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Reply Thu 18 Apr, 2013 05:53 pm
Nice written work u got their Wrathe, keep that **** up forreal n check this out my nigga:

No man is your enemy, no man is your friend
Its just you and your family till the very end
Learn it now or you can learn it the hard way
Learnt it the hard way in my hard days in such harsh ways
Them dark days even your shadow eventually leaves you
So if your homeboy says he got ya back and believes you
Don't fall for it, even he will deceive you
If satan can deceive God, what makes you think he won't?
This world's dark, the world itself bleeds too
When your pockets full that's when they come back running and need you
That's when you stick your middle fingers up at, that's how my team do
My mentality is not destructible, easy telekinesis
Sneaky, leaving mothafuckas breathless, outta speeches
Something you cant bring death to, can't **** with my species
Scientifically proven to be viscous known killaz
Chain saw massacre niggaz, such a viscous villain
Slice em up, no kimbo in this, big lurch em all when preparing for killin
My soliders equipped for war, wanting more, waging war
My clicks sick, **** witha click n slip when the entire strip fire some clips sprayin at ya jaw
Or get chased down your block with a chainsaw
Rip out ya skull and make sure your guts torn
That's when phony niggaz hit the floor while we watch blood pour.
Reply Fri 3 May, 2013 04:41 pm
Pretty dope
Reply Fri 3 May, 2013 06:57 pm
Thanks man

Feeling your bars too, that's the real deal foreal

Keep it up!
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Reply Wed 8 May, 2013 06:29 am
Killin this as a lyricist
Villain prince witness it
Sickening kid, bet you wishin it

Even though the way I wrote it looks fast speed rap
It doesn't really matter how you structure your bars
Aslong as you can read fast, you'll be successful at speed

You check some oldskool fast speed rappers like

Tech n9ne

Look at the way they structure their bars out.

Alls it matters about is that if you can read fast, you'll be able to spit your lyrics with a fast flow, if not then just flow it normally.

Just a lil advice man so you don't have to write small lines

But real talk you got hard stuff keep it up
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Reply Wed 8 May, 2013 08:15 am
Reply Wed 8 May, 2013 11:48 am
But keep doin ya thing dawg, holla at me if u want collab sometime iyt
Reply Wed 8 May, 2013 01:43 pm
I will
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