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Hello all, so I am retaking an intro to physics course in preparation for my mcat. This is a new school I am taking the course at and while I seem to understand physics(in my opinion), ive just never seen physics questions phrased this way someone please help because I am lost.

1)An object moves from the position r1=(1,3,-5) to the position r2(-1,4,8) during the time 8 s. Find: (a) displacement; (b) distance; (c) average velocity; (d) average speed.

2)A car is traveling a road that makes quarter of a circle with a constant speed s. What is the magnitude of the average velocity v of the car?

3. Two stones are thrown vertically up with the initial velocity v0, second stone with a time delay t0 with respect to the first one. At which time after the beginning of the motion the two stones will collide? Is this scenario possible for any v0 and t0? What are the limitations?

4. A gunman shoots from a riffle in a horizontal direction without correcting for gravity. How much below the intended target, at a horizontal distance d, will the bullet strike if its initial speed is v0?

5. A ship crosses a river aiming at the angle (theta) to the left from the straight course. The speed of the ship with respect to water is v ́. The width of the river is d and the water velocity is u to the right. What will be the side displacement h of the ship as it lands on the other shore?
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1. Distance traveled between (a,b,c) and (p,q,r) is given by
d = sqrt [(a-p)^2 +(b-q)^2 + (c-r)^2] PYTHAGORAS

3. Equate the heights to get t in terms of to ( by using h=ut-0.5 gt^2)

4. Horizontally t=d/v0. Vertically h=0.5 gt^2

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