Same-sex marriage- A quick analysis

Reply Thu 17 Jan, 2013 07:04 am
Opponents of SSM believe that the concept is not natural and therefore we should not allow it. This is because in natural circumstances male and female gametes are required to produce a child and therefore same-sex couples should not be allowed to form families.

But what is natural?

A first definition defines natural as to reflect that already existing in or formed by nature.

So lets look at nature to see what kind of family forms exist in the natural world. The first assumption of this argument is that all animals of the planet have common relatives dating back to bacteria some 3Billion years ago. From here many species have emerged including that of humans which are quite closely related to the chimpanzee. Humans share 99% of their genome with chimpanzee and 98% with pigs. The majority of creatures of the natural world contain both male and female populations and re-produce through sexual reproduction.

The koala bear from the Australian outback is a matrilineal animal and like humans a mammal. Being matrilineal means only mothers raise children from conception to independence and males are rarely involved in child rearing and may have many children to multiple different females during their life-time.

This does not mean a matrilineal society is ideal by any means but the point is this is still a natural fact that these types of families form in the natural world and they are distinctly different from heterosexual norms. Humans are adaptable and creative creatures capable of taking on a variety of family relationship forms.

Now given this natural fact please consider the term natural as it applies to the natural world as it actually exists.

Though our superior intelligence we have created
a multitude of marriage forms and relationship ideals differing to this.
SSM is a form of family some have created through superior intelligence and reasoning. This fact does not indicate social incorrectness but rather an alternative option of family more suited to homosexual partner preferences. This does not indicate a homosexual belief of superiority but rather an acknologement of equality of rights.

Allowing SSM is really no different to allowing a person to conceive as a single mother under the presumption she will meet a step-father for the child at some point in the future.

The only difference is off course the step-father may be male or female or the mother may be male.

The point is either way it doesn't really matter as people are just people and any responsible person may choose to become a parent regardless of gender and we should not discriminate against any person wishing to do so. Regardless of its gender, sexuality or belief.

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