Reply Wed 2 Jan, 2013 10:27 am
could a private citizen negotiate with the chinese government and make a deal to send money to the Chinese government to be applied to our national debt to them? No government interference or intervention. We could tell the government **** you if you don't like it, this is a private deal between the chinese government and private citizens.

I'm not asking for a million reasons why it's a stupid idea and why it isn't practical or why it wouldn't work. It's just this simple academic question. COULD it be done?
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Reply Wed 2 Jan, 2013 10:35 am
No, because it goes to the Triads in the initial stages, one way or another, that way they have deniability.

Could the moon be a plate of only semi spherical design, if all earth information about it had been designed?
Could then a Chinese dictator be abducting astronauts to a room built to prevent nuclear strikes by deflector shields behind it?..

Should we still fund space missions as Westerners, or abandon all hope?
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Reply Wed 2 Jan, 2013 10:40 am
Why would the Chinese NOT ACCEPT the money?

If you sold a house or a car and was expecting monthly payments from the buyer, would you turn down an anonymous third party donor who was making payments for the original buyer?

The problem with your academic question is that I don't think all or most of the US debt is exactly with the Chinese government but with banking interests that happened to be in China. Chinese banks maybe mostly if not all nationalized but owing money to a banking system isn't the same as owing directly to the government. But I bet the same thing. If a third party offered a huge ton of money, no government is going to deny it, unless the third party is placing some unusual conditions on the payments.

On the other hand, if we're talking about some mentally deranged individual whose trying to pay $1 every month to the Chinese government in order to 'lower the US national debt' then the Chinese government just might refuse to accept it as ONE, it's laughable and TWO, just might cost them money on the money transferring/check processing fees.
Reply Wed 2 Jan, 2013 12:35 pm
Neither answer deals with my strictly academic question. COULD it be done? Legally?
Reply Wed 2 Jan, 2013 01:06 pm
You really didn't read what I was writing. Why would it be illegal? Why would either country possibly make it illegal? Why would the UN care enough to have a single UN regulation that would restrict these money exchanges?

The only way either country would be concerned is if the third party money was from a money launderer or from someone who was skirting his or her taxes.
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Reply Wed 2 Jan, 2013 01:50 pm
The Chinese and indeed any other government will cease accepting such monies, when such monies gather interest of populous concern as to how it is happening when Africans die every day and people require jobs in this country, whichever, job creation requires funding... Governments pay governments if and when governments can.

Are you really such absolute ignorance's that you thumb down the saviors of your populous?

China has facility to procure a certain amount of export capability beyond its current, there is nothing wrong with farmers and farmland, do not bleed for them, when they can consolidate and present sub over watch to clean up the troubles, the same as every other country does.

Buying from China, to buy from china at fair prices is the result of world debt.
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