DANGEROUS Egyptian Spells Are Not Toys Or Games -1

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Waael ebn Fekry
DANGEROUS Egyptian Spells Are Not Toys Or Games -1
Mon Apr 30, 2012 00:02

Thanks Ian for the "gentleman" compliment, but I am afraid the critical situation that had arisen due to adopting that uncalled-for aggressive/shocking language, that you have read in the forum discussions, looks to be really quite 'eerie' and 'threatening', because of the possible DANGEROUS 'Avenging-Effect' of some of the Ancient Egyptian 'Protection-Spells', that still have an unterminated efficiency. My "gentlemanly" article of the "Lunders", the "Vandals", the internet "Curfew", the "Revolver-Holding", and the "Aegypty Spells", which had already 'infiltrated' to other places, proves strongly that I had really tried, humanitarianly, to advise Marianne Luban about this hazardous matter, directly, despite the current horrible differences between us.

If you do not know the scale and the severity of what had happened from her, and why it could likely have startling complex complications, please know that: An Obligatory Egyptology 'Colleague', that I had over-innocently respected at a previous time, seems to have committed the following:

-- Against Egyptian Queenship and Queendom, and "Akhon-A'toun" : “Actually, there were no queens regnant in ancient Egypt.”

-- Against al-Khansāa' ( A King's Wife in the 2nd Intermediate Period ) : "Never heard of her." -- " ... you are argeeing with nonsense. There is no attestion for a wife named "Khansāa'/al-Khansāa'" for anybody of the 16th or 15th Dynasty, either."

-- Against Ĥoureyyah ( Personal Name of Queen/ Akhon-A'toun ). : " Bull! "

-- Against the Egyptians in general : “You Egyptians lost the knowledge of your ancient writing system ...”

Assaulting "Long-Tongue" tactics against Egypt and Egyptian Ancient Prominent Figures, can trigger DANGEROUS Egyptian Spells That Definitely Are Not Toys Or Games, to play and mess with. There had been many many unfortunate victims, and this is well known to numerous researchers, and the terrifying stories are in the books and the internet.

I have now comforted my consciousness towards her, to some extent, but I still prefer that You Do A Nice Favour Ian and help me in lecturing and advising her on those DANGEROUS Egyptian Spells, and why they Are Not Toys Or Games, to be taken lightly like she does about them now.
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