Common Dog Health Problems 101

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You know what the right dog vet care is just as important to your dog as your doctor is to you.
Holistic veterinarians have the same licensing and education as conventional vets, but they have a much broader area of expertise and their practice is significantly different. The following are the common health problems which can be treated by a licensed veterinarian.

Do you have a pet having the conditions such as one of this?
Dog food allergies ("Dog with Dog Food Allergy")
Environmental allergies
Skin allergies ("Dog Skin Allergies")
Anxiety ("Dog Anxiety")
Noise Anxiety ("Dog noise anxiety")
Separation Anxiety ("Dog separation anxiety")
Social Anxiety ("Dog social anxiety")
Asthma ("Asthma in Dogs")
Bladder Stones ("Dog Bladder Stones Treatment & Nutrition")
Constipation ("Dog Constipation Symptoms")Coughing ("Why Does My Dog Cough?")
Cancer ("Canine Tumors")

Dental problems ("Dog Dental Hygiene")
Diabetes ("Dog Diabetes")
Diarrhea ("Dog Diarrhea Medicine")
Distemper ("Distemper in Dogs")
Canine distemper symptoms
Distemper vaccine
Dog Food Intolerance
Ear Infection ("Dog Ear Infection") (also see Yeast Infection)
Epilepsy ("Dog Epilepsy")
Eye problems ("Dog Eye Problems")
Dog cataracts
Dog corneal ulcers
Dog eye inflammation
In-growing dog eyelids
Dog eye injury
Dog eye irritation
Prolapse of a dog's third eyelid
Dog Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)
Flatulence ("Dog Flatulence")
Fleas ("Dog Flea Medicine, Treatment & Prevention")
Heart ("Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs")
Heartworms ("Natural Heartworm Treatment for Dogs")
Dog Heartworm Symptoms
Incontinence ("Dog Incontinence Products") (bladder/urination problems)
Kennel Cough ("Kennel Cough in Dogs")
Lice ("Dog Lice")
Mange ("How to Treat Dog Mange")
Obesity ("Dog Weight Loss & Dog Obesity")
Parvo Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention
Parvo in Puppies
Pneumonia ("Pneumonia in Dogs")
Rabies ("Dog with Rabies")
Skin Conditions and Disorders ("Dog Skin Conditions") (causes, symptoms & treatment) - Also see:
Atopy ("Dog Atopy")
Flea Allergy Dermatitis
Itchy skin ("Dog Itchy Skin")
Skin allergies ("Dog Skin Allergies")
Skin rash ("Dog Skin Rash")
Throat ("Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs")
Ticks ("Dog Ticks and Dog Flea & Tick Medicine")
Dog Tick Removal
Lyme Disease in Dogs
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Dogs
Urination Problems ("Dog Incontinence Products")
Vaccinations ("Vaccinations & Dog Vaccination Schedule")
Valley Fever ("Canine Valley Fever Symptoms & Treatment")
Vomiting ("Dog Vomiting")
Warts ("Dog Warts")
Worms ("Symptoms of Dog Worms")
Yeast infection ("Dog Yeast Infection")

Your responses are highly appreciated. this is Chantelle Sthilaire and I'm a newbie here. Hope to have a good stay ahead..Smile
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Pam Silas
Reply Mon 15 Oct, 2012 12:04 am
How we can recognize the common problems of the dogs? What are the common problems that we can face in the Dog case?
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Reply Wed 28 Nov, 2012 08:50 am
I have study these complete dog health problems , its good information and so many dog owner and also me learned but
there is a Certain maladies and different health situations are normal to both people and puppies; others are special to dogs and different creatures. dogs are powerless to different ailments; correspondingly to people, they can have diabetes, epilepsy, growth,
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