Quran Burning in Afghanistan

Reply Sat 25 Feb, 2012 08:54 am
I can't help but vent my outrage about the events in Afghanistan. I could understand the President and Pentagon apologizing for offending Muslims for burning copies of the Quran, IF (big IF) they had not reacted in a murderous fashion. I understand that Muslims believe that the Quran contains words from God. That is their right to do so. But the burning of a few copies of what is essentially ink on paper does not justify killing people. What the killings reflect is a radical form of Islam that deserves no apology, and should outrage every rational human. And should outrage Muslims who respect human life and have the desire to "turn the other cheek".
I don't think Christians anywhere in this world would kill anyone for them burning Bibles.
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Joe Nation
Reply Sat 25 Feb, 2012 10:48 am
I don't think Christians anywhere in this world would kill anyone for them burning Bibles.

Then you haven't been paying attention to the Christians of this world. Christians regularly kill both each other and non-believers for all sorts of transgressions of the Faith. They act in direct conflict of the Commandments and while risking the loss of their eternal soul. Examples? Sure.
The bombing in Oklahoma City was a response by Tim McVeigh to the ATF attack on the Branch Davidians.
The murder of Dr. Tiller and other MDs whom gave offense to pro-lifer Christians.
Eric Robert Rudolph is currently serving four life sentences for two killings and the Atlanta Olympic bombing (amongst others). He attacked because of pro-life and anti-gay stances.
Elsewhere, Nigerian Christians hardly let a day go by without attacking a Muslim community. The same in India.( Of course, in India, it's a three-way with Hindus burning down mosques and Muslims bulldozing temples and Christians dishing it out to both.)

There are attacks from all religions on each other and within each faith. The conflict in Syria right now is as much about power between Muslim sects as it is about the Assad regime. Syrian Christians are allied with the ruling Alawis . Huh, who would have thought that?
But if you really want to see death because of Bible burning, read the history of the making of the English Bible. It was 150 year long bloodbath with the last martyrs going to the stake to die because they defiled the Latin Bible by publishing one in English, all on orders from King James only a year before he decided maybe he would publish an English Bible. Wha?

Like all good comedy,

Joe(it's about timing)Nation

Reply Sat 25 Feb, 2012 11:49 am
@Joe Nation,
I'm glad you enjoyed documenting Christian extremists. BUT in general, in 2012, except for a few isolated instances and individuals, my statement is true. I don't consider myself a Christian; therefore, I'm not defending the faith. I just wanted to draw a contrast between a more rational modern faith and one that has masses of extremists. I used to be, until recently, a tolerant person regarding Islam, but now I have a different opinion of a faith that considers it apostasy to decide to leave that faith. I think most of the non-violant Muslims to be people who don't really follow the "party line" of the rest of the faith. It is like Catholics who don't follow the Vatican (not that I am a supporter of following the Vatican).
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