POWER: Most power for me, less power for you.

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In my study of the nature of human relations( between friends/coworkers, individual behavior in responds to groups ) using the common currency of power, and not between nations/states. Also ignore in this model things like social status( eg: rich people, v.s poor people, boss, v.s workers).

Of how many employees? Using the common currency of power, excluding nations/states/rich/poor how can you conclude a study on a minority?

1. The aggressive acts/deed happen because people are naturally self-interested. Most people, given the chance will seek more power for themselves, and less power for others.

Moralistic people would dis-agree. In a work force and this is what you are focusing on, is there not "climbing the ladder" therefore, they would seek more power? Where does that fit in with normal life?

2. Submissive people allow the existence of tyrants/pricks. Put any normal person with a submissive person, the normal person would gradually turn in a aggressive bastard/dick. To prevent the existence of dicks, everyone need to be dicks. In such case, everyone would be at war. One way to eliminate the constant fighting between dicks, and competing interest is everyone sign contracts.

Submissive or they don't believe in themselves and therefore let those that are climbing the ladder win? And, as you are talking workplace, why are you now talking personal or gradual? The person after dominance will target a submissive person that they can control.. To prevent the existance of dicks, is to avoid them and know who you are and your capabilities. The war is made up of those that believe they are powerful and more so than their component or those that are tired of being percecuted and believe they have a plan. A Contract is binding but can you believe two "dicks" would sign such a thing seriously?

3 "pity", and "empathy" only happen when some one in power hold the bulk of power in the group. When there is no threat to one 's own power

Really? It's not a personal trait?

4. Offensive behavior occur when there is a perceived threat to once 's own security. This can be eliminated by contract: I will not **** you, if you do not **** me.

Yes, a Contract is binding but, loopholes can be within them, deliberate things left out, however, are you suggesting that offensive behaviour is about in-security, and a contract will solve it? How about learing to be assertive, not taking ****, and owning yourself?

5. The mechanism to prevent war will always be violated, because people either want more power for themselves( and less power for others), or the inequality within the system, makes it necessary for the weak to become strong, and slaughter those in power.

I kind of get this. But you will never prevent war as there will always be those that think they are powerful or those that have to protect.

6. Power is always, constant, and everywhere. People are inherently evil. Inequality creates monopoly of power, and power re-enforce those inequality.

Are they? Or some people are? Or they are not evil, just thrive on success and learn the ropes to become what they desire, in that power?

7. People will transgress on the welfare of others. To eliminate this, there need to be greater power that punish transgressions.

The welfare of people is important. Why punish it if only the cheaters, what about those that don't ?

I have of the belief that people are animals, and the best state of being is nothing.

Well apparently we came from the Apes... But the best state is being... Full stop...

If you feel you are nothing that's you concern.

And, if you feel you can make a judgement on a handful of people in a workforce environment and class that as factual across the board then have you ever looked at each point, and studied vast responses? If not I am sure your views would change and if not, you have to be............................

Signing of on that note.

Food for thought.

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