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Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and grant him peace: "_ fitrah is five or five of instinct _: circumcision, removing the pubic hair and, and plucking the armpit hairs, and trim the nails, and trimming the mustache." Sahih Al-Bukhari in dress 5889

Out of instinct: Alambtdoh appearance, and to be in the hadeeth is that if you do these things by nature characterized by its perpetrator, which Allah gave to the slaves and get them out and mustahabb them to be in the best qualities and Ocharfha. Has been reported in some versions of the hadeeth: "Five of the Sunna " rather than instinct.
And circumcision: a source of circumcised any pieces, and you want to cut the skin that covers the glans of the penis, and the shaving is meant by the use of razor _ or any sharp object _ to remove pubic hair, a hair above the man, and round about, and as well as the hair around a woman's vagina.

The British Medical Journal published BMG _ and is the most famous medical journals _ an article on cancer of the penis and causes in 1987, according to this story: Cancer of the penis is very rare, and when the Jews in Islamic countries, where they are circumcised during childhood, and Statistics have proven Medical cancer of the penis when the Jews had not seen in nine patients but only in the whole world.
Among the factors predisposing to a cancer of the penis: balanitis, and what was the circumcision removes the foreskin of the basis of the circumcised men do not happen to have a narrowing of the foreskin, and it is extremely rare to happen balanitis have, and it seems to narrow the foreskin caused by retention of smegma and the discharge collects between the glans penis and foreskin in uncircumcised men, and has been proven that these substances actually carcinogenic.

The magazine published the National Cancer Institute study confirmed that the cancer of the penis is transmitted through sexual contact, and pointed out that the multi-sexual prostitutes lead to this. As stated in a report published by the Academy of children's diseases, which said that circumcision is an effective way to prevent cancer of the penis. And confirmed the American Journal of diseases of children to religious factors when Muslims and Jews that decide to follow the circumcision: Play a key factor in urging them to adopt this common sense and correct from Abu Hurayrah that Abraham circumcised, and to come is the son of eighty.
God guided you to Islam
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