The story of a Muslim;;;;;;;;;;?

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Peace be upon you
This story took place in the city of Basra in Iraq and the hero called Abu al-Yazid and are mentioned in history and mentioned by Sheikh Abdul Hamid Kishk Galilee may God have mercy on him where he saw Abu Yazid in a dream, a phone and then tells him 'as the night go to the monastery of Christians and you will see strange things went from Our Signs ..
God knows he Abualesid Albestani when he heard the phone after the dawn prayer 'as they entered the monastery and when the priest began to speak and said do not speak our man Mohammadi said to him, and how do you know?
He said the mark of their faces .. As if they had asked him to leave, but he said: By Allah, do not go out until God judges between me and you ..!!
Pope said to him: we'll ask some questions but not Tgibna to a question, and one of them will come out of here, but carried on our shoulders .. He agreed that Abu al-Yazid and said to him, Ask what you want:

Said the priest:

What is the one who does not second to him?
What are the two who only two?
Who are the three who are not A fourth?
And who are the four who had no fifth to them?
Who are the five who do not have sixth?
Who are the six who did not seventh them?
Who are the seven who do not have eighth?
Who are the eight who do not have the ninth?
Who are the nine who do not have tenth?
What are the ten that accept the increase?
What are the eleven brother?
What are the miracle, consisting of twelve something?
And those who do not thirteen fourteenth them?
What are the fourteen motherfuckin 'thing I spoke of God Almighty?
What is the thing that breathes the spirit does not it?
What is the grave owner, who walked?
And those who lied and entered Paradise?
And those who believe it and went into the fire?
What is the thing that God created and denied?
What is the thing that God created and Astazation?
What are the things that God created without a father and mother?
What is the explanation give up Alone, pregnant and Kara, then what Gariaat easier and dividers is?
What is the tree which has twelve branch in every branch and thirty paper in each sheet, three of which five fruits of shade and sun, two of them?

Said to him, Abu Elisedallowathag in God ... One who does not second to him is God Almighty ..
The two, who only two day and night (and made night and day two verses) ..
The three who do not fourth member of their excuses of Moses with the Greens in the damage of the ship and killed the boy and the wall ..
And four who had no fifth to them the Torah and the Bible and the Psalms and the Koran ..
The sixth five who do not have the obligatory prayers ..
The six that do not have is the seventh day that God created the universe and Qdahn seven heavens in six days, said to him, and why the Pope said in the last verse (and weariness of the elderly)?
He said to him: because the Jews said that God is tired and rested on Saturday verse came down ..
The seven that do not have is the eighth of the seven heavens (who created the seven heavens one above another to create what you see Rahman varying) ..
Eight and ninth them who do not are the bearers of the throne of Rahman (and holds the throne of thy Lord that day eight) ..
And the nine that do not have a tenth the miracles of Moses, peace be upon him .. Pope said to him, mention them!
He replied that they hand the stick and the obliteration and the years and the flood and the locusts, lice, frogs and blood ..
As the ten good deeds they accept the increase (with good, he came from ten-fold and doubles the reward of God for whom He wills) ..
The eleven who twelfth them are Joseph's brothers peace be upon him ..
The Miracle 12-something is a miracle of Moses (Moses Taking Astsagy We told his people to smite him with thy rod stone exploded twelve kind) ..
The thirteen who fourteenth them are Joseph's brothers peace be upon him and his mother and father ..
The fourteen motherfuckin 'thing I spoke of God is the seven heavens and seven Alaradin (said to her, and to the earth Come both, willingly or unwillingly We come willingly)
But that does not breathe the spirit of it is the morning (morning and if breathing) ..
The tomb, which he walked contacted the whale which Altqm Prophet Yunus peace be upon him ..
Those who lied and entered Paradise, they are brothers peace be upon him when they said to their father went to anticipate and Joseph when we left our bags Voklh wolf, and when exposed their lies brother said (do not you Tthreyb) said their father Jacob (Sastghafr you) .. The two believe it and entered the fire said to him, read the verse (and said Jews are not Christians on something) (and the Christians say the Jews are not on something) ..
The thing that God created the donkey vote is denied (if denied the vote to the voice of donkeys) ..
The thing that God created and is Astazation Kidd women (that is a great snare) ..
The Aloxiaoualta created by God and not her father or mother to understand Adam peace be upon him, Almla├║khalkram, camel of Salih, and a ram Ismail peace be upon them .. I then told him to interpret the verses .pk question before the tree ..

Vmanyalmariaat give up The wind is pregnant and Kara are clouds that carry rain and the easier it is Gariaat astronomy at sea is the dividers are angels Ppalarezag, professional writing, death and evil deeds and good deeds .. The tree in which the twelve branch in every branch Thirty papers and every paper five fruits, three of which shade and two of them the sun, the tree perfects is the year and the branches are the months and leaves are the days of the month and fruits five are the prayers and the three of them at night and two of them in the day ..

Here are all of the exclamation point in the church were said to him, Abu Yazid, I will ask you one question that I could Vojbna Pope said to him, Ask what you said: What is the key to Paradise?
Then embarrassed the priest and stutter and changed expressions and hand did not succeed in concealing the horror, and asked him to present the church to reply to him, but he refused and said to him I asked him all these questions and is incapable of a response from only one answer and said I know the answer, but I am afraid of you said to him give you the security he answered it, said priest, the answer is: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah!

Here are the safest priest and all of the church, it has from God to them and save them to Islam and when they believe in God turned the monastery into a mosque in which he mentions the name of God, and the truth of God in the Qur'an ((19) Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Isl m. And those who were given the Scripture did not differ except after knowledge had come to them - out of jealous animosity between themselves.

And whoever disbelieves in the verses of Allah, then indeed, Allah is swift in [taking] account. Al-Imran 19). , (85) (And whoever desires other than Isl m as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.) [Al-Imran: 85],,
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