Signs of the Hour:

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Faith Day

Does not know at the time but God alone, he says: {(34) Indeed, Allah [alone] has knowledge of the Hour and sends down the rain and knows what is in the wombs. And no soul perceives what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul perceives in what land it will die. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted} [Luqman: 34], and the Almighty said: {(187) They ask you, [O Muhammad], about the Hour: when is its arrival? Say, "Its knowledge is only with my Lord. None will reveal its time except Him. It lays heavily upon the heavens and the earth. It will not come upon you except unexpectedly." They ask you as if you are familiar with it. Say, "Its knowledge is only with Allah, but most of the people do not know." } [Custom: 187].

When it was Gabriel - peace be upon him - to the Prophet (ask for a date time. Said to him (: (What's asked about Boalm of liquid) [Bukhari]. Has told us (marked time, and we have signs of minor and major signs.
Minor signs: It is like people are corrupt in the last decade, and the frequent murder, after the people about the law of God - the Almighty - and the Mission of the Prophet (He said, ((written and I am something. (And pointed fingers: index and middle)) [Agreed] .
The man asked the Prophet (: When time? Said: (If you missed the Secretariat wait time). He said: How miss? Said: (If Osd it is to his family wait time) [Bukhari].

The Muslim believes what he told the Prophet (from the large number of murders and wars, before the time, he said: ((The hands of time for days raise the flag, and he is staying ignorance, and with too much repetition, and repetition of murder) [Bukhari]. And Muslims believe as told by the Prophet ( The flag-raising and the appearance of ignorance and the many sins of the signs of time, he said: ((One of the Signs of the time to raise the flag, and shows ignorance, Ev_o adultery, and drink wine, and men go, and women remain, so that the fifty women the values of one) [Agreed].

And Muslims believe that the temptations abound in the last decade, and that is good for him to be avoided, he said: ((will be mesmerized, one who is sitting where better than the existing, and where better than the existing pedestrian, pedestrian and where better than Courier) [Muslim].
The Muslim believes that in the last decade will wish human death, and preferences of life; the many temptations and after the people of God, he said: ((The Hour will not even pass the man Bcypr man saying, I wish I place) [Agreed upon].. The Muslim believes that time does not except on the most evil people, he said: ((The Hour will not only to the evil of mankind) [Muslim].

Major signs:
Muslims believe in what he told the Prophet (of the signs of a major fall before the time directly, came ten of them in Hudhayfah bin Asad al-Ghafari, where he said: Random Thoughts of the Prophet (on us and we were discussing, he said: (What are you discussing?) Said: recall time. He said: ( It will not even see before ten verses). he mentioned the smoke, the Dajjal, the beast, and the rising of the sun from the west, and the descent of Jesus son of Mary (and Gog and Magog, and three eclipse: eclipsed the Orient, and in the east, the Arabian Peninsula, and another that is a fire come out of Yemen drive the people to their place of gathering. [Muslim].

Out to be the Antichrist is the index change of the Earth system, and ends with the revelation of
Isa - peace be upon him - and spending it, and be out the sun from the west is the index change upper case of the universe.
And Muslims believe in - well - when the sun rises from the west, he said: ((The Hour will not until the sun rises from the west, if Talat and saw the people, believe Ojmon, so when they do not benefit a person to believe, then read the verse) [Agreed]. If you go out the sun from the west, and saw all the people believe in God, at this time does not work of faith, repentance would not be used except that the rights may be secure before, and pointed to this meaning
God - the Almighty - he said: {(158) Do they [then] wait for anything except that the angels should come to them or your Lord should come or that there come some of the signs of your Lord? The Day that some of the signs of your Lord will come no soul will benefit from its faith as long as it had not believed before or had earned through its faith some good. Say, "Wait. Indeed, we [also] are waiting." . Al-Anaam (Cattle, Livestock)} [cattle: 158].

The Muslim believes in has told the Prophet (from the exit of an animal, an animal give it God - the Almighty - and it one of the signs that point to near the time, it is an animal speaking people, and marked them, refers to the believer and says to him: O believer. According to the infidel, and say to him O infidel. He says: {(82) And when the word befalls them, We will bring forth for them a creature from the earth speaking to them, [saying] that the people were, of Our verses, not certain [in faith ]} [ant: 82].

The Muslim believes what he told the Prophet (about the Antichrist, and warned us against it, and believe that every prophet warned his people of it,. They (the people, glorified God and praised him, then he mentioned the Dajjal and said: (I Ondhirkmoh, and no prophet but has Ondhirh his people, But I'll tell you where the Prophet did not say a word to his people: he and God is not a one-eyed one-eyed) [Agreed].

The Prophet (shows what extend God Antichrist of the paranormal by mesmerizing the subjects it. Said (: (I know what with the Antichrist of it. With rivers were, one - eye view - water, white, and the other - eye view - the fire flared up, either they realized one let him come the river that he sees a fire, and blind, and then to lower his head and drink it, it is cold water. The Antichrist scanned eye is covered with - attend the eye lashes - thick written between his eyes: an infidel. read by every believer and non-author) [Muslim].
The Muslim knows how to protect himself from the temptation of the Antichrist, he said (: (... it catches up you should read it first few verses of Surat Al-Kahf) [Muslim].

When asked the Prophet (for the period spent by the Antichrist in the earth said: (forty days: on year, a day like a month, and day like a week, and the rest of the days like your days) [Muslim].

The Muslim knows that the Antichrist will claim divinity, and comes to people and call them to worship, the answered him to have so many good, and did not answer him are in drought and poverty, ruin the land and ordered to get out their treasures, they come out. And command the sky to rain, Vtmatar. Vtnept and the earth, and all this for sedition for the people, and will come down Jesus - peace be upon him - to the ground in the last decade the imminence of the time, when the Antichrist, and killed, and the governing law of Islam.

Gog and Magog:
The Muslim believes in has told the Prophet (from the exit of a nation evil in the last decade, the Gog and Magog, God said - the Almighty -: {(96) Until when [the dam of] Gog and Magog has been opened and they, from every elevation, descend
(97) And [when] the true promise has approached; then suddenly the eyes of those who disbelieved will be staring [in horror, while they say], "O woe to us; we had been unmindful of this; rather, we were wrongdoers. " } [Prophets: 96-97].

And Zainab girl colt - God bless them - that the Messenger of Allah entered her days panic says: (There is no god but God, woe to the Arabs from the evil at hand, opening day of the closing of Gog and Magog like this (shaved fingers thumb and the next)). Zainab girl colt: O Messenger of God, and Ffenhlk us righteous? He said: (Yes, if a lot of malice) [Bukhari].

The God told them in the Koran, adding that he had made good servant Zulkarnain with them, and how skinny people from their evil, he says: {(93) Until, when he reached [a pass] between two mountains, he found beside them a people who could hardly understand [his] speech. They said: 'The centuries that Gog and Magog in the ground spoilers do make you came out to make the barrier between us and them. (95) He said, "That in which my Lord has established me is better [than what you offer], but assist me with strength; I will make between you and them a dam. Atoni Sber iron even if equated Alsdwin said Anfjua even if you make a fire, said Atoni emptied by the diameter. (97) So Gog and Magog were unable to pass over it, nor were they able [to effect] in it any penetration. said that the mercy of the Lord, if the promise of God to make it Dca was promised God really} [Kahf: 93-98].

God enabled the one who centuries in the ground, he took the appropriate means, and toured in the ground until it reached the people who do not hardly understand a word, and saw on his face signs of goodness, and found the strength, putting him to prevent them, this nation, corrupting the grievances and take their property for part of money, and faster Zulkarnain - who knows but that this ability is from God, before that protects them from the evil Gog and Magog Ferdm the gap between the two dams that were of iron and molten copper. Could not these spoilers that the jump from this dam, will not be able to knock, so close to time authorizes God - the Almighty - those spoilers out, Fimron on Lake Tiberias in Palestine Vicherbon its water the whole of the large numbers until the last was astonished, and says it was this time water !!
He said (: (and God will send Gog and Magog are from all over the mound, passing Oaúlhm on Lake Tiberias, which is Vicherbon, passing the last of whom they say: once this has been the water) [Muslim]. and the rest of the interview Eamin
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