Were the pyramids made of fake stones?

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Notice Joseph Davidovits uses the word "alchemy" as if it is amalgamous to our word "science". I have had a2kers chastise me for using the word alchemy as if alchemy means some sort of faith based witchcraft. The same kind of arrogance... that ancient Egyptians has no actual chemistry but were overly superstitious and under educated. So modern science uses the word alchemy to degrade their intelligence. It seems this arrogance is coming to an end as we realize that even today our knowledge of polymers can be enhanced by understanding the methods of the ancient Egyptians.
I find it revealing that the science community has thwarted and insulted Joseph Davidovits and his understanding of polymers FOR YEARS just to push their own "unproven theories" that have turned out to be WRONG!!!
So the next time you hear the word "alchemy" realize it is the word used by educated Arabs of the past to describe the highly sophisticated chemists of the ancient Egyptian time, who were scientists and not hookiepooks with tall hats and magic wands. The modern science community thinks they know it all and when something challenges their status quo they, without proof or reasonable substantiation, pounce and insult basing their insults on pure conjecture and are as far from true scientific analysis as one can possibly get.

I might also mention that this technique of "making rocks" probably predates the Egyptians... as the Babylonians were writing in (several kinds of stone) "stone" perhaps a thousand years earlier.
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Any of the alchemy stuff I've ever read.. hinted mystical alchemists were into making gold or precious metals/stones, so why on god's green earth would they pile up a whole lot of sandstone that looks suspiciously like the stuff found in nearby quarries and not gold?
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Reply Sat 23 Apr, 2011 08:18 pm
My understanding is that a mixture of fish and other readily available substances might have been used to cast sand blocks as a far easier method to lay large numbers of blocks .

If you ask the current Egyptian masons, they would have built the pyramids by laying the blocks in cradles and rocking them whilst placing a wedge under each alternate side until they reached the height of the next course .

The inside on the pyramids is a bit if a mystery as it might consist of rubble, the blocks being used for the outside only .

The granite used seems to have been placed using a ramp internal to the perimeter of sand stone, the ramp then being buried under the shape of the pyramid .
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