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Reply Fri 28 Jan, 2011 05:10 am
President George W Bush, said he witnessed the air strike on the North Tower while he was in the hallway of a Florida school, waiting for the cue that would televise his visit across America.


The Tower was struck at 8:47 AM, his time line for the day indicates that he was in the Presidential limo en route to the school at that time, so he must have seen taped footage that was some minutes old!


The President: "I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, I used to fly myself and I said, well there's one terrible pilot, it must have been a horrible accident."

"I was whisked off there, I didn't have much time to think about it, I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my Chief of Staff, who is sitting over here walked in and said, "a second plane has hit the tower, America is under attack.""

Obama is in court charged as a capital conspirator for refuting the same hard evidence..

Question from the Prosecutor: President Obama how could it be.. the networks never broadcast the footage, so how did it get there.

Obama, sweatin' a little, grunts..

Judge: You are gonna be found guilty of capital treason, lest you tell the court how the footage got there.

Obama: Well I guess his own people had a link.

Prosecutor: Sure they did, so firstly as a United States Senator then as President, is it not your responsibility to bring such massive treason to the attention of the wider public.

Obama: Under what jurisdiction do you propose to bring this prosecution, no one else said anything, why should I.

Judge: Under the capital provisions of revolutionary justice, do you have anything else to say, you have asserted that you were aware of treason at the White House, and still you remained silent, despite the oath you took to uphold the laws of the United States.

Obama: This court is illegal.

Judge: Barak Obama you are found guilty of capital treason, and are sentenced to death.


The Appellant Judge endorses the decision of the bench, the execution is to take place immediately, the court was convened on the dirt street of a western town.

Obama is requested to walk under a lamp post, I fix a hemp noose about his neck and give the order to heave, and Barak Hussein Obama is hauled high on a lamp post, and dies kikkin' and jerkin' right on Main Street.


Notice: Calling for President Obama to be prosecuted as a capital offender is not a threat, notwithstanding the satirical implications of the above piece.


It is because of his lack of response to hard evidence that the Jews, including his chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel, are heavily implicated in both the planning and execution of the 911 attacks, and the subsequent cover up.


No threat at all, and since it is drone attack aircraft under his orders, that are carrying out terror attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan etccc, in supposed response to the 911 attacks the Jews and the Jew press blamed on Osama bin Laden,

He is perpetrating massive war crimes against innocent ppl, sure he should be hanged ..only after a fair trial, since we don't know everything, maybe his dog is being held hostage by Zionist terrorists!

Could be that Barak Obama is under duress in which case he could possibly be found not guilty, that is why there has to be trials, else in the future charges be made that executions were carried out before the condemned got a fair hearing!
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Reply Fri 28 Jan, 2011 05:20 am
@Martin Timothy,
Martin... uhg. I think you give the US government too much credit. That they would be able to pull off this huge conspiracy without anyone coming forward saying that they were involved in the planning of it from the start. The leaders of the US are just not that competent. However; did poor foreign policy create anger in the minds of people of other countries who plotted a retaliation on the US? Yes this is more than plausible but any sort of other theory is a blatant irresponsibility. It lets the US off the hook for creating the mess in the first place by assuming that it was an inside plan to begin with and had nothing to do with foreign policy failure.

Not to mention that one of the clip photos that you displace has been debunked and clearly is fraudulent. Which one am I referring to?


This one is a doctored video where someone edited in an object that looks like a rocket. The frames stop almost completely so the person could put in the rocket and then you see the frames of the video jump. Because the person had poor editing skills they neglected to take into consideration the movement of the actual video taken from the plane that was moving. The video is a hoax but the fact that you use it without even knowing this points out that you don't even check your references.
Reply Fri 28 Jan, 2011 08:26 am
Ya... How could so many people who can't find their butts with either hand, but can always seem to find a rich ass with their faces manage to purposely commit treason??? If they want to do something illegal they just make it legal... They are the government, and are above the law... Why should they not do as they please... This is America, and here the real crimes have always been constitutional, and so beyond the power of the people to rectify without a change of governments... Did a single person lose their jobs over 911??? I mean, the evidence in retrospect was obvious, and the dereliction of duty went all the way to the top, and the president should have resigned, but instead was allowed to take the country to war with a bunch of people having nothing to do with the crime... And we have all paid, and will pay for that international criminalism, and who will benefit??? Israel; Maybe... The Republican party; Maybe... The rich definetely... But for that, we will all pay dearly...
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Martin Timothy
Reply Fri 28 Jan, 2011 11:27 pm
Alex Jones is next up, the tape he made on the morning of the attacks is played to the court..


http://www.multi-illusion.com/mp3s/A...11th,_2001.mp3 ..this is now a "Reported Attack Site."

A little over half way thru the broadcast after both strikes and after both Towers have come down, Alex is on the phone to an eye witness in New York who says there is a fire in Bldg 7 .. Alex then conjectures that it could collapse too.

The inflection in his voice suggests that he had knowledge that it would .. He continually interrupts callers, including a New York pastor who says he does not believe Arabs were responsible, he goes on about Europeans while the Israeli connection gets no air time at all.


The video he made in July 2001, wherein he tells the world that Osama bin Laden could be hatching a plot to take down the WTC, is shown to the court .. Then his record of firstly decrying the attacks as a false flag, then dropping the ball .. Willie Nelson is crooning Sweet Home on the Range as the jury delivers its verdict ..
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