What is your Ideal?

Reply Wed 6 Oct, 2010 12:49 pm
1. What is the ideal _________ in your opinion?
(ideal form of school, government, model of car, future, self, virtue, telos, child, ice cream, etc.)
2. What value and virtue do you have (which come from teachings, religion, environment (anything of experience) that gave you the notion that what you have stated is THE ideal of it?
3. Why do you think we do not have this ideal and what do you think are some of the things you, us, or everyone can do to achieve this ideal?
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Reply Wed 6 Oct, 2010 12:51 pm
I'll start us off by posting one

1. The ideal form of school one should have is a school in which it operates about the needs of the future.

2. Why? It has proven that the schooling system today concentrate only on the interest of the state and the current; (macroscopically; industrious revolution called for skills. This led to global warming, over consumption, over population, international factories, worldwide shipping, all of which led to disaster (oil rigs, tanker spills, chemical waste, land fill, inability to discard massive quantities of plastic and Styrofoam, leveling of rainforests, depletion of oil; all of which are negative results to us and the environment (assuming we want it to be like it was when humanity first got here) and the only driving force is money. So those who want money and drive cars, good for you. EVERYBODY else is suffering, including those that aren’t even born yet.) (microscopically: each state will emphasize on what that state feels is most important; first world countries emphasize pragmatic skills and empiricism, asian countries and European countries slightly vary in goal incorporating more opportunity to experience spiritual growth, but essentially the same). If society seeks more farmers there will be more opportunities to become a farmer; whatever it is, it is the interest of the place you are at that determines your education, and if not, the time you are living in that determines what is emphasized in schools.) This is failing for two reasons; 1. The schools no longer provide money to graduates (by “guaranteeing” a job) 2. The school is no longer (or never did) provide skills to how to live a human life; insulated by empathy, driven by love, following the heart, doing what is “right”. Money dictates what is appropriate to teach at schools, not what type of people they become.
The school relies on parents to teach ethics, virtue, morals and culture and vice versa, so children are stuck in a rut where no one is teaching them anything about life but what they see; adults indulging in latte, entertainment, money, cars, clothes, sex, abuse. And that is what they become.

3. I personally think it IS the PARENTS who should teach morals and culture… but to see that every adult today be like that is impossible; especially in America where more than 50% on the inhabitants are not Americans but foreign, which means they all cater their inherent culture and values; and with these conflict of values forms inconsistency and thus progress is hampered (not to say that uniformity is good as was in the Brave New World.). So I turn to the schools, If we can get one or two teachers that teach morals, and critical thinking skills we will consistently get more bright kids year after year (where as one or two parents will only yield 2-4 kids/ life time.)
I think the public education system needs to SERIOUSLY CUT BACK ON THE BULLSHIT.
Some of you may know, I was trying to become a doctor; here is what I learned for 5 YEARS that is “useful” to become a doctor
Math: How to solve the fifth term polynomial of mclauren series arctan(5+ex) and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE that is past pre algebra and geometry and statistics. (I guess we just like the fact that we can do, or say that we were in calculus, cuz 99% of the population doesn’t use it. HINT HINT? Isn’t that a good reason to not teach it???
Biology: Baccularis Pilullaris (along with 50 other plant names and 50 other animal names (by their genus, phylum and species), their bones and ecosystem) as well as things on earth, evolution, (sure some do help, but not these that I listed that are also required)
Chemistry: what is the g released from the formation of ethelene glycol when placed in a 5molar solution of H2SO4 with a h value of… as well as how a battery works, how a calorimeter works, what an atom looks like and its properties
Physics: mirrors, currents, light property, throwing things, dragging things, swinging things. Yes very useful in the operation room, prescribing medicine, nursing and diagnosing diseases…
SERIOUSLY??? This is important??? Can you believe that everyone that wants to help people has to waste 3-5 years of their life learning things that has to do nothing with humans???
is it not obvious? please take your time to explain this to me, I seem to be very biased when it comes to this topic and not many challenge my notion fundamentally.

Sure some of you will say, “then how will we know who is smart and capable.” How about teaching them things doctors do, and see how they do? I’m sure if ALL humans put their heads together and thought, we would come up with ONE that works much better in like 5 minutes.
My point is; school is fail. That is all there is; what they teach, how they teach, how they evaluate, what comes of it; they are all skewed and not pragmatic (ironically). But we all need to come to see this from observing and assessing the reality we have arrive to, how can we continue to blindly trust this institution that was built centuries ago and never changed?? (oh yes, a few new curriculums, a few new clubs and programs for kids… this is not the scale I am talking about…)
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Merry Andrew
Reply Wed 6 Oct, 2010 01:00 pm
By definition, an "ideal" is something which does not -- and can not -- exist, but, rather, something for which we are constantly striving.
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Reply Wed 6 Oct, 2010 01:10 pm
Perfect answer, MA . . . uhm . . . wait a minute . . .
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Reply Wed 6 Oct, 2010 01:40 pm
I don't like ice cream all that much.

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