How do you remove tree leaves in the fall?

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I was more interested in where you went in Sweden.
Ages ago I worked as a tourist guide in Copenhagen and Denmark for a British traveloutfit
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Per se yes.
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That was in 1968, and so long ago I can remember the places but not their names.

My first impression was when our plane landed. It was the steepest decent on the runway I'd ever experienced. The plane had to come down so steep to clear the high forest trees.

We stayed and toured in the capital city along the river for a week. Then we went to the Saab factories - Saab autos, where I bought my Sonett, and Saab planes. I didn't buy a plane because it wouldn't fit in my suitcase. Most people don't know that Saab produced planes. We watched a plane demonstration that scared me so bad because I thought it was going to fly straight down into my throat. Whew! What an experience. What a pilot!

We visited several tourist sites, were invited into a friend's private home for dinner, went to several craft shops that produced some of the wonderful woven art, and went into the countryside to see some of the old houses inside and out.

Then I pack my two children and me into the two seater Sonett, which was a challenge to fit them in, and started south. It took a while to get used to driving the Sonett becuase it was like laying down instead of sitting straight up. One thing that was a big help to finding our way was that the young people all spoke english. If I needed some directions, all I had to do was stop a young person and they would help me.

I can't remember right now the name of the next big city we visited, but it reminded me of San Francisco because of all the hills. Later went into the forest areas to visit the Two Sisters tourist stop and had a meal. Charming place. The forests are so beautiful.

All the way along, when I stopped to get gas, the young men would crowd around me to admire the Sonett and it's motor. They couldn't by Saabs in Sweden because they were only made for export.

At the end of the second week, we took the ferry across the river to Denmark. Spent a week there, then flew home.

Sorry I can't remember more details.


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Sounds as you had a wonderful trip and a very special car.
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