Reply Sun 1 Feb, 2009 07:55 am
I had the idea to call this a victory garden thread.. but that was already taken Smile

And I know.. about a year ago, I started a thread about this too.. but this search feature sucks ! So Im starting a new one. Shoot me.

I have been saving seeds over the last couple of weeks to start growing on my patio.

I have -
Butternut squash
Acorn squash
Tomatoes ( beefsteak, and tiny sweet ones)
And I am attempting to dry some cucumber seeds now.. but they keep molding on me.

I have one large almost 3 foot deep pot that i want to use for my cooking herbs. Mostly so I dont have a 1pot to 1 plant/herb ratio because I dont have that much space..
Tax return should be here in about a week and I am going to construct planter pots with basic wood planks to fit on the back patio where I get the most sun.

Everything can be grown on a patio with the right attention... what I am looking for.. are semi full sun plants that can handle high heat, high humidity.

I have been saving my wine and glass water bottles to help keep soil moist and help with even watering. .. fertilizer is coming from natural gardner and will be mixed into the soil + a small bit of mulch and some brown paper bags .
I will add worms, and periodically lady bugs.
Most things I am starting from seedlings and they are ( the seeds) drying now to begin growing in doors in about a week or so..

i want to steer away from one time eating plants like broccoli.. or salad greens. I need things I can eat from several times.. Squash is quickly becoming a staple in our home as are tomatoes and purple potatoes..

How easy are nuts to grow?
Green onions.. I know wild onions pollinate themselves and keep going..Do green onions do the same? Or do I have to uproot them like some bulb plants , freeze them, or keep them dry and replant them next year? I may dedicate a small pot to green onions just for the hell of it.. but that isnt mandatory.

Thinking..thinking ..thinking..
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Green Witch
Reply Sun 1 Feb, 2009 12:09 pm
i want to steer away from one time eating plants like... salad greens.

Salad greens are not a one time harvest. You can cut greens for weeks and they resprout. Just don't plant head lettuces. Mesclun and leaf lettuce can go on and on. Buy a good pre-mix of lettuces from a place like Fedco or Pinetree Seeds. You can get specific pre-mixes designed for cold or warm weather.

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Reply Sun 1 Feb, 2009 12:48 pm
book marking.....

I have very little sunlight here on this property. I can (and do) grow basil, chives and parsley in one little spot of sunshine we do have. I am thinking of throwing in another pot for spinach.

Shewolf - do you have time to read? Get Barbara Kingsolver's book: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. She grew her own food for a year. She had an overabundance of tomatoes and zucchinis. I'd try those two plants.
Green Witch
Reply Sun 1 Feb, 2009 01:10 pm
They have a very nice website with seasonal recipes:

Reply Sun 1 Feb, 2009 01:12 pm
@Green Witch,
Greenwitch - that's great, thanks! They have recipes and links in the book itself, too.
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Reply Sun 1 Feb, 2009 04:00 pm
Make sure you have plenty of space for each hill for plants in the squash/melon/cucumber/zucchini grouping.

Salad greens go on and on and on as long as they don't get too hot and bolt to seed. You do need to stay ahead of the harvesting with them. I find tomatoes more of a single harvest thing here as they all ripen within such a short period of time. Somewhere on the internet there's a thread where I'm getting a bit hysterical as the tomato harvest gets out of hand. I haven't planted tomatoes since.

Most nuts grow on trees. Big, old trees.

Onions/chives/garlic. Do 'em all if you can. If you can't, at least make sure you've got garlic chives. Green onions are a bit too much fuss for what you get from them, IMNSHO. Go with regular onions - you can snip off bits from the top over the season without harming the main bulb.
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Reply Sun 1 Feb, 2009 04:01 pm
errr saving seeds.

where are the seeds from? a number of seeds from veggies you buy in stores won't grow the plant you expect them to
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