Driver Hits Grizzly on Busy Anchorage Street

Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2008 01:56 pm
Well, it depends on how feasible the healing is.
About 60 years ago, I had a dog whose leg had been broken,
but after a long time, his unsuccessful veterinarian convinced us
that nothing woud work. He was euthanized. (the dog, not the veterinarian)

I believe that death is a fake; only the body can die,
not its inhabitant. I like how Deepak Chopra, M.D. put it:
that altho people believe that we are human beings with occasional spiritual experiences,
we are actually spiritual beings with occasional human experiences.

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High Seas
Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2008 03:44 pm
CJ - of course killing them is the last resort, but in this case the only other alternative was getting the bear to a vet to set his broken leg, then keeping bear in cast until bone healed. Letting the poor animal suffer was obviously unthinkable, so you see the police did the humane thing..
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Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2008 08:31 pm
Good story, Edgar. It must have been quite a sight for the driver!

Around here, it appears that we've had more black bears coming into populated areas and becoming quite aggressive. Some are relocated, and some have to be shot.
Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2008 09:12 pm
For the bear, also.
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Reply Sun 24 Aug, 2008 07:26 am
Fred bear made several attempts to take polar bears with a 70-lb recurve bow and was saved by rifle backup on all occasions other than the last. IF you try it, make sure it's a modern compound bow and not a recurve, and use one of the larger Aftershock mechanical broadheads:


The main difference between recurve and compound bows is that the compound bow inverts the normal action of the bow. With a 70-lb longbow or recurve, the 70-lbs is at full draw; difficult to hold for more than a second or two and the 70 lbs is basically just breaking the arrows inertia, after which there is no more than 35 - 45 lbs acting on the arrow. With a 70-lb compound bow the 70 lbs is at mid draw and then the thing breaks back to about 15 lbs or thereabouts; the 15 lbs breaks the arrows inertia and then, when the arrow is already moving, the 70 lbs acts on it.

In other words, a 70-lb compound bow behaves like an older bow with 70 lbs at mid draw, which would be a much heavier bow. At any poundage, the compound bow hits with a great deal more authority than a longbow or recurve would.

Even with a compound bow however I'd figure 70 lbs to be minimal for bears and would feel better about it with 80.
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